Our structured Chinese programs follow syllabus from Hanban – affiliated to
China’s Ministry of Education. Hanban’s mission is to promote the use of Chinese
language outside of China.

Our Clients

Our tuition services have helped over 10,000 students to improve their Chinese since 2005


Dedicated to provide Chinese Learning in Singapore

Chinese Edge was created to bring quality professional Mandarin tuition to Singapore. All our teachers are from China; they are highly qualified with most of them either holding a degree or Masters. Our teachers have at least 1000 hours of experience teaching this incredible language. What’s more, they are bilingual, which makes them all the more effective as teachers in a multicultural city like Singapore.


We believe that there are no excuses for anything bar the highest standard of resources when it comes to Mandarin classes. Our materials are mostly from HanBan, a public institution affiliated with China’s Ministry of Education. We’re here to provide Chinese language and cultural education to meet the demands of both foreign and local learners in Singapore.


Why choose to learn Mandarin with us?


Since 2005,

Our organization has been able to help more than 10,000 students to speak and improve their Mandarin skills in Singapore and China.


Our teachers

Are both professionally trained and bilingual. Most of them are Master or tertiary degree holders with an average of 1000hrs of teaching Mandarin as a second or international language.


The Hanban Curriculum

Our teaching materials and curriculum are sourced directly from Hanban which is a Public institution affiliated with China’s Ministry of Education.


Teaching Standard

Our teaching standard is in line with the HSK, IB Chinese, and European CEFR standard.

We strive to spread our passion for the Chinese language

because this is about sharing the love of

Chinese language


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