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10 Reasons Why China is the Perfect Place to Live In

10 Reasons Why China is the Perfect Place to Live In

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As China becomes a bigger player in the world economy in the 21st century, more and more foreigners are choosing to not only enrol in a Chinese language course but also move there and be immersed in their culture.

Below are 10 reasons a lot of foreigners moving to China are pointing out to

1. The Chinese Love Foreigners

The Chinese people are very hospitable and will try to make your stay better. Some will even try to speak English to you. However, you may have to adjust to the random hellos and the stares you’ll receive every now and then.

2. Lower Living Costs

Foreign cuisine and products may be available in China, but if you stick with local food, you’ll end up saving a lot. Not to mention that everything else is just so much cheaper, from transportation to lodging, and even the other finer comforts in life, like, per say, your very own condominium unit, which only costs a fraction in China compared to its price in your home country.

3. Ever-Changing Country

China is developing at a much faster rate compared to any other country in the world. If you’re looking for a challenge and want to live in a fast-changing country, China is the place for you.

4. You Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Moving to another country forces you to overcome the strange feeling of being a foreigner, and at the same time, gives you a chance to feel that sense of accomplishment for getting past language and communication barriers.

5.    Beautiful Landscape

Given that China is almost an entire continent itself, you’ll see a lot of places in China that are worth visiting over and over again, from scenic spots to historical sites.

6. Delicious Food

As China improves, so does their living standards. Nowadays, the Chinese are cooking healthier and cleaner food, but they’re still authentic, affordable, and delicious. Staying in China allows you to indulge yourself in everything, such as some hot spicy Sichuan Cuisine, among many other things.

7. It’s The Place to Be

It’s only a matter of time before China becomes the biggest player in the world economy.

When that happens, you’ll want to proudly say that you were there when it happened. You might even be able to get your own slice of the pie if you’re lucky and savvy.

8. UNESCO World Heritage Sites

With as many as 47 UNESCO world heritage sites, along with hundreds of other places worth visiting, China will always have something for you to see in the months if not years you plan on staying there.

9. Develop a Wider Perspective

Unless you’ve lived outside of your home country, you won’t know what the world looks like from afar or how small the world really is.

Developing a wider perspective is the result of visiting a foreign country, especially one that’s as culturally diverse as China.

10. You Learn the Language

Of course, what better way to learn Chinese language than to fully immerse yourself in it?

By listening to it every day, you absorb the language at a much faster rate, and who knows? In a few years, you might be able to find a high-demand job that requires you to have excellent Chinese speaking, reading and writing skills, like a translator perhaps.

Think of it as a way to learn Chinese language in Singapore, with first-hand experiences.