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    August 2015

    4 Reasons Why You Should Learn Mandarin in Singapore Mandarin is the most popular language in the world with over 1.5 billion speakers worldwide. 70% of population in Singapore are Mandarin speakers too, with a reported 1 million PRC in Singapore (surprise, surprise). If you're still not convinced that you should prioritise to learn Mandarin in Singapore, or at least, know some basics of the Mandarin language, then here are 4 reasons for you: 1) Bilingual Environment In China/Taiwan, signs in the streets are all in Mandarin characters, what more, they are traditional characters. For someone

    Learning Chinese Pinyin How to Type Chinese Pinyin with Tone Marks (meaning to have the tone above the pinyin) There is an easier way to present Chinese characters by typing Chinese Pinyin with tone marks is to copy the below and paste them into your word file / notes and save in your mobile phone or personal computer. ā á ǎ à ē é ě è ī í ǐ ì ō ó ǒ ò ū ú ǔ ù Learning Chinese and writing Chinese are a bit different but with the “U.S. Extended” keyboard input,