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    November 2015

    Business Chinese Course If you’re reading this, the chance is you’re probably already fluent in English – the most common language that is used across nations worldwide for both professional interaction and some leisure as well. However, that is anywhere but China, where Chinese is the main language. While China has officially over taken the United States as the world’s largest economy in 2014, as a fast emerging country, there is not much English spoken throughout the country. In the 1970’s, China was a centrally planned closed economy, in the past few

    Those days when we sat in Chinese classes obediently in school and listening to the Mandarin teacher teach has gone. These days, the “traditional” teaching method and learning experience are being challenged, in both children and adult learning. You’re more likely to see a children’s language teacher running around and play with them to “teach” the language to the kids without the kids realizing they’re actually learning. Which is working, this is just like the movie “Inception”- first they get in your head and now you don’t even realize you’re doing things

    Is your company relocating you to China soon? Are you prepared to be parachuted into this ancient-oriented country far in the other side of the world? In this post, we would like to share with you how to adjust your cultural understanding and make yourself a soft launch in China. Read Up Before your trip, you might like to read some books related to China on topics such as food, ethics, customs and traditions to understand more on Chinese people’s work and family life, medical conditions, transportation, hygiene conditions. Learn Basic Mandarin To speak some survival