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    November 2016

    5 Common Mistakes with Chinese email writings There are by far 5 common mistakes with Chinese email writings and speech.  Learning Chinese can be both challenging and interesting. Most Chinese learners make mistakes while drafting emails. Below are five common mistakes with Chinese email writings. Forgetting to open and close the Business Email Most learners do not remember to open the conversation with a greeting and signing off. An email that does not adhere to this rule sounds harsh and demanding. Forgetting to include the subject Emails, unlike letters have a provision for writing the

    Techniques and Methods Learning Chinese Language   You may find a lot of articles around the internet that will tell you methods and sure-fire techniques that will make learning Chinese easy as 1-2-3. But in applying choosing a method or a strategy to study the language there are factors that you need to consider. Decide what you want to learn Studying Chinese requires a lot of time and effort because it is a language that is high in complexity, both in written and verbal aspects. It’s a good thing to take the whole task apart and

    “Learning is a Treasure that will Follow its Owner Everywhere…” – Chinese Proverb学习是永远跟随主人的宝物 [xué xí shì yǒng yuǎn gēn suí zhǔ rén dè bǎo wù] Today’s fast-paced lifestyle leaves us with hardly any time for ourselves, which is why studying can be challenging chore. You need to constantly motivate yourself and actively engage in learning activities, which in turn leave you feeling drained and tired. Looking for a quick and efficient solution? Choose on-the-go apps to make the most of your time while travelling. Mobile learning apps are the future, and can