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    February 2017

    Chinese expressions that you ought to know before having a Mandarin Lesson Do you plan in learning to speak the Mandarin language? Before you must learn the language you must first learn some common Chinese expressions before you can learn to begin your Mandarin Lessons. These expressions are very helpful to you in your usual conversations with the Chinese and just in case you would like to travel around China. Let us now start Learning Chinese: Nǐ hǎo ma? Which is being pronounce as Nee-haoww-mah? Means how are you? And if you would

    The Four Main Tones of Mandarin Explained | Skillsfuture Courses Before learning and studying Mandarin Classes Singapore through the SkillsFuture language courses that are offered, you may want to do some basic researching first. So as you should need to know by now, though learning Mandarin may seem to others like it just have one tone, Mandarin is in fact a tonal language. And it has four main tones that are being used to clarify and emphasize the meaning of words. So here are the four main tones of Mandarin: 1.            First

    Fun Ways to Learn Chinese Language | Skillsfuture approved Chinese Course The words ‘must’, ‘need’, and ‘should’ all adds to the pressure of learning something; especially if it’s to learn Chinese, which is quite a rigorous feat. The task would ease a lot if you just put your mind to it and you want to learn it because you want to. It would also be a lot of help if you can find fun ways to do it. There are lots of ways to learn Chinese the fun way, but what’s

    Learning the Chinese language has several benefits if you are residing in an Asian country with a Chinese-speaking population. In countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan, you would find that Chinese immigrants dominate various business and academic sectors. So if you encourage your child to learn Chinese right from the beginning, it can definitely prove helpful in future. The earlier you start the learning process, the easier it would be for your kid to master the language. The Chinese language is quite complex when it comes to writing. So, you

    What’s the difference between Learning Mandarin language and Cantonese Both are the same tonal Chinese languages that shared the same writing system until 1956. However both are different in a lot of ways and forms like pronunciation, grammar and lexicon. One of the major differences is how the spoken word is written. Mandarin reader may understand a few written Cantonese but totally cannot understand each other when speaking. If you are planning to study Chinese language, the most practical dialect will be the Mandarin as it is being used widely compared

    How to Learn Chinese Language and Introduce it to your Kids? | Skillsfuture language courses Whether it is your mother tongue or second language, teaching your kids can be challenging and fun. As they always say, “start young’ is true. Kids especially those of kindergarten age can be the best time to expose them to a new language. Always consider the fact that kids don’t have enough patience to stay focused on one thing or activity. There should be a great mix of both fun and learning. You can start at home

    Effective Learning Techniques in Learning Chinese | Books, Novels and Chinese Music Learning Chinese language can be very complex especially if you don’t have enough background about it. There are a lot of things to consider before jumping into the idea of studying this course. Getting started can be very difficult if you do it all by yourself. Our SkillsFuture approved Chinese courses offer effective teachings in learning Chinese. Enrolling to a formal study will surely enlighten you on how interesting this subject matter will be. In order for you to get