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    March 2017

    Three Similarities Between Korean Language To Chinese Language You will not have a hard time knowing the Korean language or Chinese language if you are already familiar with either, Chinese language has great influence in Korea. Thus you know they come with many similarities. This being said, you will not have too much of a hard time if you try to learn one of the two languages if you are speaking or familiar with just one of them. That being said, it is highly recommended that when you know one of the

    Advantages in Learning How to Speak Chinese language | Skillsfuture Credit Approved Chinese Courses Learning is never a bad thing. Especially if you want to be able to communicate to wider range of people, then learning a secondary language is a good thing for you. Chinese is the number one language with the most people using it so this would be the smartest move you will ever make is to get yourself enrolled to our WSQ approved Skillsfuture chinese courses. If you are just in Asia, you may want to get yourself

    How to Make Learning Mandarin Easy with Skillsfuture Chinese Language Courses When you hear people speaking Mandarin language, you might think it is the most complicated language ever created. What most people don’t know is that this language is one of the easiest to learn. Mandarin is the largest and most used among the seven or ten Chinese dialects which makes it so popular nowadays. Almost one in six people speaks this language that comprises about 1.2 billion native speakers in globally. Don’t hinder yourself in learning a new language; it is

    5 Awesome Learning Apps for Chinese Language Students | Skillsfuture Language Courses With the current era that we now have, almost everything is now possible. All the things that was hard to do before seems very much easy now, thanks internet and thanks to the people behind it. On of the things that may seem be hard before was Learning Chinese language, good thing there are Skillsfuture language courses that are offered that makes learning Chinese language easy. But aside from the WSQ approved language courses, here are 5 very awesome learning

    Did you know that Chinese texts are one of the oldest languages that are still alive and developing throughout the course of over 4000 years? It goes way back to when the first words are complex pictographs that are very much different from the ones that are used nowadays. However, it was improved on its shape and simplified over thousands of years, even enabling itself to be merged with the roman alphabets and Taiwanese pronunciation symbols, making its way to becoming a language even easier to input on a computer

    How to improve you Chinese pronunciation It is very important nowadays to learn how to speak Chinese and pronounce correctly. If ever you plan to travel or do business in China, then it is a must for you not just to learn their language but also correctly pronounce them. There are many ways to improve your Chinese pronunciation and Chinese Lessons Singapore will teach you some of these ways. Learn the four major kinds of tones It is always recommended that you should learn first the four kinds of tones of speaking in

    Find out how Chinese food, Chinese culture and Chinese Music are closely related to Learning Mandarin Learning a new language opens up a whole new world to you. Here are some exciting ways to use a new language skill when you learn Mandarin: The People Today the Mandarin dialect of Chinese is spoken by more 1 billion people. That is about one-sixth of the world's population! Imagine being able to speak with a whole new segment of the global population. Learning Mandarin can connect you with speakers--in China, and abroad! Cuisine We all know that

    Chinese Etiquette to learn in a Chinese language course | Approved by Skillsfuture credits There is no excuse in observing proper etiquette. No matter where ever you are in the world, there are etiquettes that are needed to be followed. One of the best etiquettes to practice is the Chinese etiquette. Before you travel to China use your SkillsFuture credit program to learn Chinese language and Chinese culture, here are some of the classroom etiquettes you have to know to follow in a Chinese classroom: When the teacher comes in When the teacher enters