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    May 2017

    Mandarin and its growing significance Being a multi-racial country, Singapore hosts a wide variety of languages. Though English is vastly spoken by Singaporeans, Mandarin has carved a niche in the society. It enhances communication among people besides providing extra merit on the resume. Learning Mandarin has been stereotyped as being hard, confusing, and tedious. On the contrary, with the right teachers and learning environment learning Mandarin in Singapore can be fun and exciting. It is unwise to let the baseless stereotypes to be an obstacle for you to learn Mandarin in Singapore. We,

    6 Popular Misconceptions of the Chinese Language vs Cantonese and Other Dialect | SkillsFuture Language Courses With the Chinese language gaining more and more recognition, it is expected that people would want to learn more of it. And as people learn to cope and learn, they will come face to face with misconceptions that are bound to block them in the path of learning. Here are 6 of those misconceptions and why are they are exactly just that- misconceptions. It is very hard. With is written form containing about 50 000 characters, writing Chinese can