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    May 2018

    As China becomes a bigger player in the world economy in the 21st century, more and more foreigners are choosing to not only enrol in a Chinese language course but also move there and be immersed in their culture. Below are 10 reasons a lot of foreigners moving to China are pointing out to 1. The Chinese Love Foreigners The Chinese people are very hospitable and will try to make your stay better. Some will even try to speak English to you. However, you may have to adjust to the random hellos and

    China is the largest country in Asia, and the fourth largest country globally. It is also the richest country in the world according to both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Not too long ago, it was referred to as a third-world country and seen as backwards and dysfunctional. Their meteoric rise to wealth can be attributed to their industry and innovation. The population of China has also soared over the years and is now nearing the 1.4 billion mark, even with childbearing laws in place. The language

    Communication is a crucial component of simply being human. It is through dialogue that we can convey our ideas, receive feedback and foster understanding with each other. If we cannot communicate, we would not have made any technological advancement as human beings. Language is one of the ways mankind uses to communicate. Depending on where you are born and who your parents are, you automatically get your first language, also referred to as mother tongue. Your first words and your first sentence will be in your mother tongue. Some people are

    Being bilingual is one of the qualities that everybody in today’s world desires. When you can speak multiple languages, you not only widen your horizons and opportunities, but also get to show off how clever you are. If you are a professional in any field, you have to be proficient in another language apart from English. The Queen's language has a worldwide reputation and status as the language for business and leisure. As the world moves forward, aspects of the world such as political ideologies and way of life are changing. China

    As human beings, we have come a long way through evolution, and this is especially visible in our way of communicating with each other. In our distant past, we could only communicate with each other through gestures and signals. There was no distinct language of communication. As time went on, we developed speech and eventually started writing. As the human mind evolves, languages were created, with people having the ability to communicate in more than one language. Currently, there are many languages across the globe, each unique in vocabulary, syntax, and