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    July 2018

    Any society that wants to succeed will do so only when the new members (children) of society have learned the necessary skills to survive and contribute on a larger scale. Children can prepare well to tackle life with adequate coaching by those who possess the right skills, experience and knowledge. The benefit will be an increase in their ability to achieve success in life. Here are some steps parents or guardians can take to push their kids to achieve self-discovery. Encourage a Reading and Learning Habit A good reading habit is vital for any

    As technology connects our world, it is pretty obvious that learning another language can be beneficial in a lot of ways. Here are some reasons multilingualism is Important in today's society. Meet new people By learning a new language, you are bound to meet new people and make new friends. If you are a businessman, it will enable you to break into new markets and leave your mark there. It will surprise you how open and friendly people can be when you talk to them in their mother tongue. Employers love it If you

    Due to China's fast-rising economy, it's no secret that a lot of companies now prefer to bring their business to China, however, to succeed in this venture, one must learn to navigate through a myriad of social and cultural expectations. Here are some important things to know before bringing your business to China: Importance of Guanxi Guanxi means “relationship” and it is also a social system of influential relations and networking that facilitate or enable business dealings. if one successfully build a good guanxi with others, he will easily get favours from

    Contemplating learning a new language Chinese or French? Well, don’t waste time wondering about the time it is going to take to learn a new language and instead enrol for a full-time Singapore Chinese course and start today. Now, returning to the question of the time it takes in learning a new language. If you really want to find out the time needed to learn a new language then you’ll have to consider the 3 most important factors: Learner’s Attitude One fine morning you decide to learn chinese language in singapore just

    As the second largest economy in the world today, China is a major player that has a hand in many businesses from all over the globe. If you're in the corporate world, it only pays to try and jump in on the latest, which, in this case, is enrolling in a Chinese language course and learn the Chinese language. There are a lot of advantages to doing so. For starters, it gives you, as an individual, the ability to negotiate with leading Chinese firms on behalf of your company. But that's