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    August 2018

    Just like in English, and a lot of other languages, intonation in Chinese is essential for communicating properly, and tones change the meaning of what you want to say. From a simple “yes” answer, a different tone can change it to a “yes?” question. Tones are present in almost every language and Chinese is no different. Here are four tips on how to master the different intonations and be a Chinese language expert in no time! Practice with gestures For beginners, this strategy will keep pronunciation changes in words in control. All

    We all want success, be it academically, financially or just being happy. Our teenage years can seem to early too begin preparing, but it can help us get a solid start to success. Here are a few tips to help us attain success in our teenage years. Do Well Academically Education is very important and it is vital that you take your studies seriously. Always try to do your best at school, listen to your teachers, study hard, do your homework and acquire good grades. You can go the extra mile

    Chinese language is completely different from European languages, from its phonetics to letters. Self-taught learners may find learning chinese in singapore challenging, and it is better that they opt for a proper Chinese course in Singapore. On average, a learner takes at least 700 hours to learn a new language. Thus, it’s not really wise to dedicate so much time to learning a new language without proper guidance, as there’s a high chance any misguided effort can be wasted. Learning a new language takes time if you really want to become an expert

    It is known that as Globalisation evolves, the need for more people to do business transactions with the Chinese corporations is high. Also, with Singapore's rising economy, a lot of Singaporeans will want to learn the chinese language to advance their business vocabulary. In business dealings, language is very vital in bridging the gap in an intercontinental relationship. However, the cultural etiquette and expectations behind the language are far more important. To keep yourself abreast of Chinese social etiquette and business culture, you must learn a thing or two from the