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    October 2018

    According to different research studies carried out, Mandarin is a language that is totally worth learning for the many benefits and advantages. We should focus on the positives, despite its reputation as being notoriously difficult to learn and master. China is one of the most populated countries in the world and by learning Mandarin, one can talk freely with any of the Chinese people. In Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore, many people speak the Mandarin language so it is easy to communicate with them as well. This language is considered to be

    Learning a different language may give us exposure to new things. Learning new languages helps us to better understand different people of the world and help us to explore their culture, traditions, and societal conventions more easily. This is true for Mandarin also, as it is a language that is deeply interconnected with the Chinese culture and traditions. As Mandarin is quickly becoming a major language in the world behind the English language, it’s starting to become apparent why everyone should try to learn it. In this article, we’ll share some

    Are you planning on moving ahead in your career? A lot of us have jobs and we are grateful to be employed, however, we still have aspirations that one day we will climb the corporate ladder. The truth is that opportunities don’t just fall down from the sky, you need to also work hard on your own to make it happen. First things first, put yourself in your boss’s position, if you were the boss, what are the qualities to check for if you ever want to promote any of your employees.

    Ever since the early 21st century, the Chinese language has become a very valuable language. It was one of the essential skills to acquire, whether you were a student, a businessman or looking for a job. In the recent years, China has opened up more and more so that many of its nationals understand English. However, this does not mean that learning Chinese is no longer useful! Chinese culture is a vast spectrum filled with TV, music, literature, cartoons and anime. When many of these are translated for the non-Chinese audiences,