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    February 2019

    Learning a new language is always a great idea. But when it comes to choosing a second language, some people can’t decide between the most popular languages as there are so many to choose from! This is where we tell you that Mandarin Chinese should be among your choices! In this article, we will explore the Mandarin language and why learning Chinese in Singapore or anywhere in the world is a great idea. Let’s begin. THE MANDARIN CHINESE LANGUAGE In China, there are a number of languages and dialects that are spoken by the

    When it comes to learning hard foreign languages, persistence is the key. You must be determined to learn because at times what will separate the losers and winners is perseverance. Some languages are easy to know because they are similar to your mother tongue hence you do not have to get someone to teach you. Others are hard, and if you are not determined, you won't grasp anything. Some people must learn a language to survive. For example, you might be forced to speak in a certain language to get a

    Do you need to learn a new language as fast as possible? It is frustrating to know that you must learn a language at a given time, but you find you cannot. Whether you need to be fluent in a different language to get a job or you are relocating, you need to learn the tricks you can use to beat the deadline. If you do it the conventional way, you can spend months before you are fluent. This is because the courses are tailored to suit people who are

      Is it your desire to learn a new language this year? Well, then you should probably consider learning Chinese. While having your main language or second language is indeed important, you will still need a foreign tongue on top of your mother tongue to communicate with as many people as possible. With China having over two billion people, it comes as no surprise that you will probably interact with at least one of them as you go about your daily activities. It is, therefore, critical to master this language to communicate with