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    August 2019

    Want to learn the Chinese language for business? If you are, then good for you. Whether you need it for your job right now, or in the future, it’s always a good idea to diversify your skillset and portfolio. Learning a new language, especially one that’s commonly-spoken such as Chinese, is one way to make yourself look like a better hire or even put yourself in a better position to get promoted. However, business Chinese is different from learning just conversational Chinese. To be business proficient in Chinese, you need to be able to

    Have you ever thought of taking up a new language and enrolling in Mandarin classes, only to say to yourself that you don’t have enough time? Don’t worry. Most people have experienced it. Learning a new skill or a new language like Chinese isn’t easy. It takes a lot of valuable resources. In particular, your time and money. But, it’s also a move that could help set your career up for more advancements than you could ever realize, and the only reason why that’s not happening right now is that you’re wondering

    Learning how to read, write, and speak in a different language isn’t easy, especially if it’s something like the Chinese language. When you’re learning the Chinese language, you’re bound to make some mistakes. But, while most mistakes are easy to notice, some are much harder to spot. That’s why we decided to make your journey to learning a new language easier. Listed below, we took the time to round up some of the most common mistakes new Chinese language learners make. 1. Not taking the time to learn and study the Chinese characters You may be

    Learning any foreign language is beneficial for you, but it often comes with plenty of persistence and effort. Sure, learning Chinese is not an easy task. Despite it being so, anyone who has managed to master the language will tell you that it is worth every bit to learn Chinese. Why is that so? The following 5 reasons will convince you to love the language enough to actually take the time to learn it! 1. Learning Chinese is not as hard as it seems The Chinese writing system looks alien to most people because

    Are you currently taking a Chinese course? Or perhaps thinking of enrolling into one? Regardless, if you are planning to learn the Chinese language, there is a good chance that you want to be fluent enough to hold a conversation and if possible – be at a near-native level. However, that might take a long time. So, you are probably thinking about the shortcuts and ways to cut down on the learning time. There are many tips online that supposedly teach you how to do just that. The only question is, is it