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    October 2019

    Today, there are many Chinese speakers around the world. More and more people are picking up the Chinese language as well. If you are a new parent, learning the Chinese language is one of the best things you should encourage your child to do. It is an investment that would pay off well in the future. However, the fact that more people are trying to learn Chinese is probably not enough to persuade and convince you. That is why we have rounded up several reasons below on why it is a good idea to

    Have you ever wondered why different people learn Chinese differently? Some students can learn well by themselves, while others learn better in a formal setting, such as a school. There are various kinds of other learners, such as those who struggle in a group setting and prefer private lessons, and more. When taking up the Chinese language, one must understand that there are many different factors that will affect the learning progress. Below, we have outlined the crucial factors that determine the speed a student masters the Chinese language. 1. Age Multiple studies show that early

    Filled with thousands of characters and hundreds of different tones to familiarize yourself with, learning the Chinese language isn’t easy, even if you decide to take up Mandarin classes in Singapore. First things first, anyone can learn Chinese. It’s all a matter of how motivated you are, and how much time you are willing to invest in learning the language. Of course, it also depends on the learner. Some can spend only a couple of months, albeit very diligently, to learn a language and become fluent in a short period of time.

    Mastering any foreign language isn’t easy. From having to learn new words to add to your vocabulary, to understanding proper grammar and structure – it’s similar to being sent back to your early years when you were just starting to learn how to read and write. For most people though, learning the Chinese language is on a totally different level. This is due to the fact that Chinese is a foreign language for most people. Taking in the characters and words, not to mention the grammar and structure, can seem like an

    As China’s influence grows, learning Chinese has only become more increasingly important. This is the reason why many non-native Chinese speakers try their best to study it as their second language. More and more schools, as well as universities, are also including Chinese in their programs and syllabus. If you want to learn Chinese, enrolling in a Mandarin course in Singapore, in a language tuition centre is your best option. Unlike private classes that only offer two-way communication, language classes in tuition centres make for a conventional type of learning, which allow you to