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    November 2019

    Are you taking up a Mandarin course in Singapore? If you are, it is a great decision. However, taking up a Mandarin course may not just be sufficient. It is said that in order to be adequately fluent in Chinese, it takes a year of at least 30 hours of weekly learning. You will need even more time to be fluent in both conversational and written Chinese. Therefore, it is still important to be aware of some essential tips that will aid your Chinese language learning journey. Here, we have gathered some

    The decision to learn a new language is one that is worthy of praise. It is the first step into becoming a better communicator and having a better prospect in life. Generally, learning a new language only brings about benefits. However, the process of learning a new language like Chinese is not an easy task. In fact, merely deciding whether to learn the Chinese language at a language school, hire a personal tutor, or learn it on your own, may be perplexing enough. That is why we are here to clear

    When learning a new language like the Chinese language, it is all right to make mistakes and errors. When you make mistakes, you improve by learning from them. However, it is also useful if you are aware of the common mistakes made by novice Chinese learners so that you can learn from the mistakes beforehand and avoid making them. Below are some common and core mistakes that most beginners make when trying to learn Chinese. 1. Focus on learning the tones from the start Using the correct tone in the Chinese language is

    However, the truth is, learning the Chinese language in Singapore is the same as learning any other language. The tips on learning any other languages also apply when it comes to learning the Chinese language. Listed below are some tips and information you should be aware of before you learn Chinese in Singapore. 1. Be realistic with the goals you set. Learning a new language takes time. Do not set unrealistic goals for yourself, such as mastering the Chinese language within a month. Even if you’re enrolled in a Chinese class, it will pay to set realistic