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    December 2019

    Taking the step to learn the Chinese language is certainly not easy. It is a language completely foreign to most people, making it even tougher to master. The Chinese language differs greatly in comparison with the English language. In addition, it is hard to determine the best way to learn the Chinese language. It depends largely on one’s personal preferences and style of learning. However, there are several mistakes one can avoid to prevent slowing down their learning progress. They are namely: 1. Not tailoring your education based on your needs If you are

    The growing strength of China in the global economy is leading to an increased number of career opportunities for foreigners in the country. The Chinese language is also readily available online. Today, it is much easier to learn the Chinese language than before. What makes learning Chinese easier today? The Chinese language is known to be a tough language to learn. However, it is not as difficult as before, here are some reasons why. Firstly, China’s influence has grown tremendously over the past few decades. Many people are migrating to China or going

    When it comes to learning Chinese, there’s a ton of confusion about which methods are the best. Some people may say that one method is the best way to learn the Chinese language, while some say another is. Out of all the ways to learn the Chinese language, two stands out as the most effective – immersion and traditional education. Which way of learning is immersion, and which way is traditional? And which of the two are the best ways for you to learn Chinese? The pros and cons of traditional language learning Traditional

    Thanks to technology, it’s now possible to learn Mandarin online. People these days can use communication software such as Skype or FaceTime or any other tool to talk to their instructor. People these days can even learn a new language such as Chinese on their own by merely chatting with Native speakers from halfway across the globe consistently. Because of how convenient it is to learn online – it doesn’t require travel and classes can be adjusted to whenever you are available, which is why more and more people are starting