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    May 2020

    One of the most gratifying facets of the human experience is having the ability to communicate and stay connected with others. Bilinguals, who speak two languages, have the best opportunity as they are able to connect with a wider range of people. This not only helps them with their professional and personal lives, but it also comes with undeniable cognitive benefits. Learning a new language can significantly improve your brain development and fend off mental ageing. In our current situation, where indoors are the safest place to be, it is the

    Thinking of using this circuit breaker period to improve yourself? Why not pick up a new language like Mandarin Chinese? With plenty of online mandarin classes in Singapore, it has never been so easy to get access to learning materials and guidance to gain fluency in a new language. However, you might instead meet with a different kind of problem: Which course provider or course type should you choose? Well, there is no one right answer. It all depends on your goals and preferences! If you’re having some trouble deciding, here are