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3 Advantages of learning Business Chinese language

3 Advantages of learning Business Chinese language

learning Business Chinese

For years now, American business has been on top. America is now, and has been, the world’s leading economy.  But, CNN Money reports that China is moving up fast. In fact, according to U. S. News, these positions will be reversed by the year 2029.

If you want to be a player in this shifting market, learning to communicate with your English or Chinese speaking counterparts on the global stage can be of enormous help. There are a number of benefits to learning business Chinese language as a skill. Foremost, it shows respect. It proves the value which you place upon your business relationship, and the effort you are willing to expend to allow it to grow and prosper.

Learning business Chinese allows you to socialize more easily, building ties outside the  boardroom. Speaking and understanding business Chinese will allow you to cut out the “middle man”, the translator, building a closer personal relationship.  And, when you make the inevitable trip to China, you will be much more in tune to day to day business dealings. Your ability to understand the language of your business associates may even allow you to catch small, or large, errors in translation, possibly saving time, money, and embarrassment.

Money talks, and in the near future, it seems, most money will be speaking Chinese. Relationships, whether personal or economic, depend on the quality of communication involved. And the more individualized that communication, the less likely that something will be lost in translation.