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    3 Reasons Why You Should Learn Mandarin When In Singapore

    3 Reasons Why You Should Learn Mandarin When In Singapore

    Mandarin Classes Singapore, Mandarin Course Skillsfuture

    Some say that the number of Mandarin speakers in the world is heavily concentrated in China. While that is indeed true, there are many other countries where a majority of its locals also speak Chinese or Mandarin.

    For example, in Singapore, almost 70% of the country’s total population know how to speak Mandarin.

    It’s not unusual for Singaporeans to know how to speak English and Chinese fluently, in addition to other languages. However, there is a bigger emphasis on learning Chinese in addition to the country’s official language, Malay and English.

    If this still has not convinced you why it’s crucial to take Mandarin Classes in Singapore, here are 3 reasons to help convince you to learn more about it.

    1. Most people in Singapore are bilingual

    The main advantage of bilingual environments compared to monolingual ones is that such environments and societies are usually more understanding.

    Because they can translate back and forth between English and Mandarin, they’re able to understand your views better.

    When you’re with bilingual people, the language learning process is sped up by a considerable margin.

    So, by learning Mandarin in Singapore, you’re doing it in a more accepting environment and effective manner.

    1. Singapore is a lot like China

    Singapore is not China, but you’d be surprised at the similarities these two cultures have.

    Because a considerable portion of Singaporeans can trace their origins back to China, some of Singapore’s culture and tradition has been adopted from China.

    Not to mention, various places in Singapore look like as if you really were in China.

    The language learning process is best when you’re fully immersed in a language, including its culture. With various Chinese architectures and traditions, it’ll be easier for you to grasp more the Chinese culture.

    1. Mandarin is necessary to do business in Singapore

    In the business world of Singapore, you won’t be able to survive if you don’t know how to speak Mandarin or are slightly familiar with it.

    Whether you’re travelling to Singapore for business trips, staying long-term for your career or even migrating, your first order of business should be to try and learn Mandarin right away.

    While it is indeed true that the majority of Singaporeans are bilingual and have no problems conversing in English, they might be much more receptive when speaking with someone who knows their culture and language.

    In addition to these 3 reasons, you might also want to consider how fun learning a new language can be.

    Learning something new is always exciting and enjoyable, and learning a language is definitely no exception.

    So, if you’re ever in Singapore, especially for an extended period amount of time, learning Mandarin should be at the top of your priorities.