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4 Benefits of Understanding Chinese When You Are Abroad

4 Benefits of Understanding Chinese When You Are Abroad

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Did you know the learning Chinese can be useful even when you are abroad, and not just in China? Below are some of the many benefits of taking online Chinese lessons in Singapore and knowing Chinese when you are out of your home country.

1. Over 1 billion people speak it

It is true that over 1 billion people speak Mandarin all over the world. While the reality is that most of these Mandarin speakers are concentrated in China and other Chinese-speaking countries, the fact remains that the numbers don’t lie. This means that around one-fifth of the world’s population speaks Mandarin, and that’s not including those people who can read, write, speak, and understand it, albeit not well enough to be considered fluent.

With that said, knowing Chinese increases your chances of finding someone to converse with when you are abroad. Paired with the knowledge of English, it will be difficult for you to get lost when you travel.

2. It is a useful networking tool

Speaking of conversations, as there are so many people who speak Chinese, it’s near-impossible to find someone who doesn’t speak it wherever you are in the world. This can greatly increase your chances of networking, which is excellent if you are abroad for professional or work purposes.

It’s no secret that Chinese-owned businesses prioritise working with partners and people who can speak Chinese. If you are a foreigner who speaks their language well enough, their respect for you will grow immensely. This can greatly increase your networking potential, which can, in turn, benefit your career.

3. It lets you find all the local secret spots

If you ever find yourself in a country or city where a lot of people speak Mandarin or Chinese, you’ll get to find out all of the cool spots if you know their language.

While tour guides will let you know of all of the great places, it’s the locals who will tell you about the lesser-known spots with fewer crowds. This allows you to create more intimate memories of the places that you visit around the world.

4. It lets you communicate effectively

You can travel better if you can communicate with other people effectively. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world speaks your native language. This is true even if your native language is English. But, as there are so many Chinese speakers all over the world, your online Mandarin course is bound to pay off big time when you’re abroad.

With a common language, it is easier to connect with new people, learn about various cultures, and more.


Now that you know the benefits of knowing Chinese or Mandarin when you are abroad, it’s time to push yourself further and enrol yourself in an online Mandarin course! It will definitely cost you a bit in terms of time and money. However, if you put your effort to it, Mandarin can be an investment that benefits you greatly, both abroad and at home.