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4 Interesting Topics For Chinese Beginners To Talk About

4 Interesting Topics For Chinese Beginners To Talk About

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Are you currently trying to learn Mandarin in Singapore? Are you looking to progress in your Mandarin language abilities? Then it’s time to start practising your Mandarin in real-world applications!

Throughout your entire Chinese course in Singapore, you may have had pretend conversations with teachers and other fellow students. However, stepping into the real world is quite different. Should you encounter a native Chinese speaker, then you can start a conversation with any of the following topics found below!

1. Food

If there is one thing that everyone enjoys doing, it is eating! Therefore, it is a common occurrence for individuals to discuss whether they’ve eaten or what they’ve eaten.

You can always start your conversation by asking whether they have eaten (nǐ chī le ma?), and continue the conversation by talking about foods you like and what kind of foods they would recommend. Who knows? You might end up going on a date to a quaint restaurant serving delicious gourmet meals!

2. Interests and hobbies

If you are still a beginner enrolled in Mandarin lessons in Singapore, chances are that you may have come across lessons that taught different activities. Not only is this activity a great way to expand your vocabulary, but it also teaches you about the much-needed Chinese phrases to engage in a conversation discussing these activities.

For instance, sports like basketball, table tennis, roller skating, swimming, dancing, and yoga are common in Chinese culture. You can join in and discuss each other’s favourite hobbies too. If you come from a country with other common hobbies such as skiing, off-roading, sailing, and more, you can also share your stories about them!

3. Transportation

It is no secret that Chinese speaking countries have some of the best public transport systems in the world. Whether it is to rent a bicycle or a car or travel by train or taxi, there are many different ways you can get from one place to another.

You can start a conversation by asking: “nǐ měi tiān zěn me qù gōng zuò?” which means “How do you go to work every day?” If you are travelling in an Asian country and you are struggling with unlocking a rental bike, you can spark up a conversation with a passer-by and ask for some assistance.

4. Popular culture

There are plenty of fun singing competitions as well as quirky game shows available on TV channels all around Asia. As a beginner, your understanding might be limited to certain shows, but that doesn’t mean you can’t discuss what’s going on in popular culture. Shows like ‘The Voice China’ and ‘I am a Singer’ are very popular in China and other Asian countries! If you want someone’s attention, you can talk about your favourite singer or judge and ask for their opinion. Watching popular shows and movies in Chinese can greatly improve your vocabulary too!

As a beginner, you will definitely be able to hold basic conversations with other native Chinese speakers. Once they realise that your Chinese is limited, they will quickly adapt and guide you through along the way. Always remember to have fun, and don’t be afraid to try out new phrases or approach someone to spark up a conversation. After all, you might pick up something new or even gain a new friend!