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4 Methods To Make Your Online Chinese Learning Productive

4 Methods To Make Your Online Chinese Learning Productive

Mandarin Lessons Singapore, Chinese Course Singapore

With online Chinese courses in Singapore on a surge over the past couple of months due to the current world situation, it is important for learners to apply new methods to ensure that their learning remains productive. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many schools and training centres have had to close doors and look to online classes as an alternative learning platform. When it comes to online tutoring and Chinese language courses in Singapore, both have obvious advantages for students, such as saving time and being flexible.

If you are one of the many who have recently signed up for an online course to learn Chinese, here are 4 key methods you can incorporate into your learning to ensure you get the most out of it!

1. Goals

It is crucial to have a clear learning goal for learners who are currently enrolled in an online tutoring class, as most classes are tailored to learners’ specific needs. Whether you are looking to learn conversational or business Chinese, the class will be aimed towards your specific needs.

As such, you should look to communicate these needs with your tutor or teacher. If there are specific areas in your speaking or reading that you’d like to improve on, then your tutor is the first person you should speak to.

This will allow them to gather appropriate learning materials to guide you towards your goals. You should also keep in mind your current Chinese level when it comes to setting goals, as well as your language learning ability.

Set short-term and long-term goals with your tutor and take the necessary learning steps to reach them!

2. Remove all distractions

It’s impossible to focus on your online class if your mobile phone is placed right next to you on the table. Look to set up a classroom-type space in your home and remove anything that might distract you from the class itself.

Having your phone’s notification light constantly blinking or wondering what’s happening on your social media account will hamper your learning productivity. In order to stay in the moment of learning and actively participate during the lesson, you should look to remove all devices and concentrate 100% on your class.

3. Listen to everything

In most Mandarin lessons in Singapore, they have native-speaking tutors who are highly proficient in the language. Not only should you listen closely to what they are saying, but you should also focus on their pronunciation of words.

Pronunciation of tones and sounds play a vital role in the Chinese language, and you must be constantly aware of them. When you focus on your teacher’s tone, it can guide you towards speaking clearer too.

4. Stay present and interact

Always stay engaged in your online lessons. Communicating, asking questions, and listening clearly will improve your productivity drastically. It can become dull if all you do is sit there and listen without participating. Thus, ensure that you are actively learning while the lesson is in progress by interacting with your teacher and fellow classmates.

Even if it is taking down notes or commenting on your classmate’s questions, it is important to stay interested in learning and continue to practice speaking and listening.

As long as you stay motivated and enthusiastic about your online lessons, you will be able to remain productive throughout the course. After all, now is the best time to pick up a new language and enrol in an online course, so why not take the time out to learn Chinese!