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    4 Reasons Why You Should Learn Mandarin in Singapore

    4 Reasons Why You Should Learn Mandarin in Singapore

    4 Reasons Why You Should Learn Mandarin in Singapore

    learn mandarin in singapore

    Mandarin is the most popular language in the world with over 1.5 billion speakers worldwide. 70% of population in Singapore are Mandarin speakers too, with a reported 1 million PRC in Singapore (surprise, surprise).

    If you’re still not convinced that you should prioritise to learn Mandarin in Singapore, or at least, know some basics of the Mandarin language, then here are 4 reasons for you:

    1) Bilingual Environment

    In China/Taiwan, signs in the streets are all in Mandarin characters, what more, they are traditional characters. For someone who doesn’t speak Mandarin, living in this kind of city, might make it harder for them. The learning curve is steeper. But we’re in Singapore (thank goodness!) – a bilingual environment known throughout the world. It’s easy to pick up Mandarin as a beginner. Most people are bilingual, hence they are more forgiving of beginners because they can understand what you’re trying to say. They can translate for you on the spot, and this would help fast track your learning. You can also enjoy the Chinese culture, and pick up the language faster than you would in other parts of the world.


    2) Travel to Historical Places

    With a large population of Chinese speakers, most Chinese Singaporeans’ ancestors were from Hokkien and Cantonese speaking regions in China. Because of this, Singapore inherited a little of the history and tradition from China (some Chinese even thinks that Singapore is part of China!). Places like Chinatown is a good spot to understand Chinese culture (and you can buy things that at ridiculously cheap prices too). Kallang has delicious and famous Chinese food. If you’re in the mood to visit temples, Singapore has many of it. With various temples around the town, you can easily get to know more on Chinese culture and how it mixes with the Southeast-Asian ones.

    3) Try Amazing Food

    Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines around the world. In Singapore, you can find food from all around China such as Sichuan food, Cantonese Food, Shanghai food etc. *Slurp

    4) The Importance in Language Understanding in Business World

    If you’re doing business, whether it’s working as a marketing consultant, or just doing your own thing, Singapore is a country where if you’re doing business, you have to at least know about it. Inevitably, sometimes you might even have to travel down to Singapore, or even communicate with people in Singapore about business. To do that effectively, it’ll be good if you have a basic command of Mandarin. Although many people in Singapore are bilingual, having someone who knows your culture and language better than others will not harm your business prospects.

    Chinese lessons can be so useful to everyone