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4 Reasons You Should Learn Chinese As A Second Language

4 Reasons You Should Learn Chinese As A Second Language

Online Chinese Learning, Chinese Course Singapore

A lot of us may already know that learning a second language can be beneficial. Not only is it good for the brain, but it can also help us with personal development, and more importantly, our professional careers! However, many people these days seek to learn Chinese as their second language of choice. Why is that? What exactly is it about Chinese that makes enrolling in a Chinese course in Singapore worth it?

Well, here are 4 essential reasons as to why you should learn Chinese as a second language!

1. Chinese is the world’s most spoken native language

Over 1 billion people in the world speak Chinese natively. That means that when you learn Chinese, you unlock the barriers to speak to these huge group of people. This offers up a lot of advantages for you, whether you are a businessman seeking to expand your company overseas, or are someone who loves exploring the world and other cultures.

2. You are able to appreciate other cultures more

Chinese history and culture are one of the oldest remaining in the world. In order for you to gain a good understanding of the culture, having knowledge and being able to speak Chinese is essential. When you learn a new language like Chinese, you can enable yourself to appreciate more about the Chinese culture.

Learning a new language can also open you up to other cultures, not just in the language you know. You will be able to understand more about your peers, people from different backgrounds, and learn more about the history of the language!

3. Your career can benefit greatly from it

China’s economy is a powerhouse. Coupled with the fact that they have the largest population of people in the world (their population makes up 18% of the world!), it is worthwhile for any business to have a slice of this pie. Should you decide to learn Chinese as your second language, you can put yourself in an excellent position to take advantage of the resources and market in China.

Companies all over the world are also prioritising the hiring of people who are able to speak or are willing to learn Chinese.

4. Added brain power

The cognitive benefits of learning a new language are no longer a secret. It is a known fact that our brain benefits from knowing multiple different languages. In fact, many studies have proven and shown that those who know multiple languages are less likely to develop brain-related complications in the future. This inclues, but is not limited to, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Is learning Chinese worth it?

With all of the reasons above, it is worth it to learn Chinese! However, you should not take up online Chinese learning simply because you are looking to further your career or put yourself in an excellent position to get promoted at work. You should think of it as a decision that is made for your personal development, to help you learn about other cultures or interact with a wider range of people.

By learning a new language like Chinese as your second or third language, you will gain much more experiences from other people speaking in that language, and throughout your life!