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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Mandarin Classes in Singapore

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Mandarin Classes in Singapore

Learn Chinese Language, Learn Chinese Singapore

One of the most cosmopolitan states in the world, Singapore is a melting pot of different cultures, with different local ethnic groups and foreigners. Therefore, choosing the right language for the right occasion is central to business as well as social activities.

The four main languages in Singapore are English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. According to a government survey done in 2015, a majority of Singaporeans are bilingual in English and their mother tongue. However, a majority of Singaporeans are Chinese-speaking and prefer to speak Mandarin at home.

These statistics show that the Chinese-speaking Singaporeans tend not to learn other languages. Given that Mandarin Chinese is the most used dialect in Singapore, learning Chinese would come in useful.

These are five reasons you should take Mandarin classes in Singapore:

1. Enhances Your Personal Growth

As with learning another language, learning Chinese will stimulate personal growth. The skills required to learn a new language will improve your communication capabilities, be it in interpersonal relationships or business opportunities.

After taking Mandarin classes in Singapore, you would be able to communicate with more than one-third of the entire population, opening yourself up to a plethora of opportunities that will better you as a person.

2. It Enhances Your Opportunities Beyond Singapore

When you learn Chinese in Singapore, you will open yourself to the opportunities found not only within the country but also overseas, in nations like Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. If you are looking to work in any of these countries, having a good grasp of Chinese will give you a competitive edge.

3. It’s Good for Business

As more Chinese companies and entrepreneurs start to set up businesses in Singapore, having a good command of Mandarin Chinese will enhance your chances of engaging in partnerships or securing jobs. Not to mention, several non-Chinese companies are also seeking to explore new opportunities in China, with famous figures such as Mark Zuckerberg picking up Chinese for the purpose of business ventures in China.

4. Going Chinese is Going Global

With tech mogul Mark Zuckerberg learning Chinese to establish Facebook as a brand in China, being equipped with knowledge of the Chinese language has become a strategy for businesses to turn global.

5. You get to Practice as You Learn

There are several Mandarin classes available online for you to practice should you consider learning Chinese. However, you can only become fluent if you regularly incorporate Chinese into your everyday uses. As Singapore is a Chinese-dominated nation, learning Chinese in Singapore will allow you plenty of chances to interact and practice with other people.