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    5 Reasons Why Learning Chinese In Language Schools Is Better

    5 Reasons Why Learning Chinese In Language Schools Is Better

    Mandarin Course Singapore

    Learning Chinese is not easy. For many people, it seems like overwhelming challenge to know how to speak and write in this new language. Although learning Chinese at home is doable, having someone teach you is the best thing to do if you want to acquire fluency in the language.

    Non-native speakers who wish to learn Chinese can either choose to take up a Mandarin course in Singapore offered by a university or go to a language school. Between the two options, the latter is the recommended choice. Here are the reasons why:

    1. Language schools are for both children and adults

    Age is not that much of a problem in language schools because they usually cater to both children and adults who have the common objective of learning Chinese. It does not matter how old you are and or your learning background. You will be given the same learning opportunity as the others in a language school. Often, language schools also offer varying classes to specific age groups so you can learn the language along with peers of your age.

    2. Language schools allow you to focus on learning Chinese

    Unlike universities where learning is not focused on a specific subject, your coursework in a language school will only revolve around learning Chinese. This is because the classes in language schools are curated specifically to help you pick up Chinese gradually and steadily. Because language schools often focus on developing your zeal to learn a language, you will get plenty of opportunities to use and practice Chinese in class and outside of your class hours.

    3. Language schools teach you about the Chinese culture as well

    Learning about the Chinese culture is an important aspect of acquiring Chinese fluency. Especially if you are learning Chinese in preparation for the HSK test, it is helpful to perceive yourself as someone who wants to be part of the Chinese community. To be knowledgeable of the Chinese culture, enrolling in a language school is the best option. Compared to universities, language schools can teach you more about the Chinese culture and its people.

    4. A supportive learning environment in language schools

    Support is one of the best things you can have in language schools. If you choose to be enrolled in one, there will be plenty of people who are just as motivated as you, perhaps to pick up the language for educational or career opportunities. As such, they would be willing to offer you with the encouragement that you need. Additionally, the teachers are experienced native speakers who can provide you with a structured framework for learning. This is sure to boost your learning progress, as you can easily reach out to your fellow learners as well as your instructors.

    5. You get to meet different people in language schools

    Language schools usually cater to a variety of people. Unlike in a university where almost everyone is of a similar age or stage of life, language schools allow you to meet different people from different walks of life. Some of them might even come from other parts of the globe. In essence, studying Chinese in a language school offers you a diverse social network of people from around the world.


    There are many reasons why learning Chinese in a language school is better than in a university. Indeed, language schools provide better focus and greater opportunities for anyone who wants to be fluent in the language. If your goal is not just to learn Mandarin but also to meet new friends and gain a better understanding of cultures, enrolling in a language school is your best option!

    Here at Chinese Edge, our highly experienced teachers make sure that your journey towards Chinese fluency is filled with diverse and holistic experiences. We provide the most comprehensive physical and online Chinese classes to help our students acquire language fluency, while achieving a great sense of belongingness in their learning community.