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6 Tips On How To Find the Best Chinese Tutor For Yourself

6 Tips On How To Find the Best Chinese Tutor For Yourself

Learn Chinese Language

Are you interested in learning Chinese?

The Mandarin language is one of the most popular languages in the world. There are various political and economic benefits of learning Chinese.

Learning Chinese is an advantage to you as it helps to boost your career, increase local and foreign job opportunities and understand the Chinese culture better.

To learn the Chinese language, you should enrol in a Chinese class, or you can hire a professional tutor for personalised one-on-one classes.

Whichever way you choose to learn, here are a few things to consider when looking for the best Chinese tutor to aid in your learning.

Check on professionalism

Choose a well-trained and skilled Chinese tutor.

It is important to note there is a difference in speaking Chinese and teaching Chinese. While almost any Chinese person can speak the language, not everyone is trained in teaching it.

The other factor is that the teacher you choose should be skilled to teach Chinese as a foreign language. Teaching Chinese to foreigners is very different compared to teaching Chinese people. The tutor, therefore, should have the skills required to teach Chinese to a foreigner.

There are certain pointers you need to understand when learning Chinese that is very different from learning the English language. The tutor should also help with your pronunciation despite your native language.

Choose someone familiar with the Chinese culture

The Chinese culture is very different from other culture where it may have an impact on the Chinese language.

For example, if you are being posted to work in China, it is vital that you understand the Chinese culture. Things like greetings, appreciations and visitations are some of the things that may be influenced by Chinese culture.

Choose no accent

The standard Chinese language is Mandarin. It is easiest to learn since this Mandarin has no accent behind it.

The good thing about Mandarin is that it is widely used. When looking for a tutor, make sure that they do not have a strong accent as there are words that may be hard to pronounce. Just a tip, it is easier to learn Mandarin with the pinyin system.

Choose a patient tutor

Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s is especially true for those who are learning something new.

A tutor should be patient enough to give learners time to comprehend. When learning the Chinese language, mistakes are inevitable especially when pronouncing words and tones. These mistakes are understandable as this language is different from other languages, where pronunciation is key.

The patience level of a tutor is usually seen when class is in session. However, you can always ask your friends who are already learning Chinese to recommend a tutor. You can also read reviews from different sites on the available tutors. If you want to learn Chinese online, make sure that you first know more about your tutor-to-be.


How much does it cost to learn the Chinese language?

The cost may differ depending on factors including a tutor’s experience, the type of class, mode of learning and number of lessons. It is advisable that you discuss costs before enrolling in a Chinese language class.


There are many types of classes catered to each individual’s availability.

For those who are employed, part-time or online classes may have higher preference. However, you should dedicate an appropriate amount of time to attend Chinese language classes.

Learning a foreign language demands a lot of commitment and practice. Therefore, find a Chinese language tutor who is able to commit and is readily available.

No matter how you are learning the Chinese language, it is vital to find the best Chinese tutor for you. With the right tutor, your learning process will flow better, and you will flourish under their tutelage.