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A Guide to Learning the Mandarin Language Efficiently

A Guide to Learning the Mandarin Language Efficiently

Learn Chinese Language

Are you interested in learning Chinese in Singapore? Do you want to know how to cut down your learning time from years to months? Then keep reading.

Sure, Mandarin is tricky for some, especially Westerners, but with these tips and tricks, even the most hopeless among us can learn Mandarin fast!


Sure, we said this was how to learn Mandarin fast but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to put in the hard work and commit to actually learning the language. Commitment can take many forms but one thing that you will surely need is motivation. If you are kept motivated and driven the end result is commitment. Why do you want to learn Mandarin? What are your goals? How will you plan to go about achieving them? Ask yourself these questions and give comprehensive answers.

Keep track of your progress by posting online or by telling your friends/family how far you’ve gotten in your lessons. You may even just acknowledge your progress and reward yourself.


If you prefer a more formal approach to learning the Mandarin language then you should take a Mandarin course in Singapore. This structured method allows you to learn at a pace suited for your age and schedule and allows you to learn in the presence of others who can help you where you fall short and where you can return the favour. You may also choose to take the Mandarin course online in the comfort and privacy of your own home and at your own pace.


Practice here doesn’t mean sounding out words for hours or copying symbols. In this context, practice refers to putting what you have learned at your Singapore mandarin lessons to use in the real world. Like, going to a Chinese restaurant and ordering your meal in Mandarin or engaging in simple conversation with a native Mandarin speaker. This way, speaking Mandarin will become more natural to you.

Now, Mandarin is not only speech, but it also involves reading and writing, and though many native Mandarin speakers cannot read or write the language, this is no excuse for you to be lazy. Practice reading and writing Mandarin by reading Mandarin articles, texting in Mandarin, writing emails or letter in Mandarin, watching movies with Mandarin subtitles and so on.

You may also use flashcards, create songs and find other creative means of memorising important concepts.


Immersion is a fool-proof method which basically forces you to learn the language in a very short period of time. By going to countries such as China, Singapore, Taiwan or Thailand where the language is widely spoken even for a few months you will surely pick up quickly on the essentials and even a few slangs. You will also learn much more than the language and immersive learning can prove to be a highly-beneficial kind of experience.

We said fast, not magic. Remember that your hard work will pay off and learning Mandarin will be a life-changing experience that can even open many doors for you now or in the future.