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Conversational Chinese

Chinese Edge’s WSQ SkillsFuture Language Courses are approved Chinese conversational courses that develop learners’ Chinese communicative competence. Our teaching materials consists of face-to-face classroom learning, textbook and workbook, multimedia CD, individual learning plans with rich teaching resources provided, so as to meet the needs of learners of Chinese learning at any level.


Our WDA Language Courses consisting of SkillsFuture Conversational Chinese course, caters for learners of elementary Chinese covering communication for survival, daily life, learning and working, social activities, etc. focusing on satisfying the basic needs for communication in daily life. Our Skillsfuture courses fully cover communication Skills, words & expressions, and Grammar to help you build a solid foundation when you are new to Chinese.

These Chinese lessons have been designed to provide practical daily vocabulary and a foundation for basic conversational skills through a simple role-play format. Don’t get frustrated if you find some of the phrases difficult to pronounce at first.

Many of the sounds will be new, and saying them may be a challenge in the beginning. With scenarios learning, you’ll soon notice your ability to recognize and produce the sounds of Mandarin developing naturally and converse well in the various daily conversations.

Click on the individual course and see why do we use syllabus from Hanban which is a Public institute affiliated to China Ministry of Education and know more about our Chinese teaching methodology

For Group Lessons

7 Important Benefits

  1. Accredited Chinese course syllabus produced and imported from professional agencies in China.
  2. Experienced teacher who are native Mandarin speakers and bilingual. (able to use proficient English to explain in class)
  3. Our Mandarin teachers are all professionally trained and Applied Mandarin Linguistics Certified.
  4. Interactive and dynamic way of learning Mandarin. (more role-play and practice in forming sentences)
  5. Effective learning tools like Video Lessons & Audio CD have proven to yield better result when students review these before and after class.
  6. Double learning support – other than course book, an e-copy of the work book will be provided to have more practice.
  7. Dynamic learning tool 24/7 available includes course book & work-book, audio-CD, and in-house video lessons. Communicative teaching approach is used for all levels.


SkillsFuture Approved – “Conversational Chinese Beginner 1 , 2, 3 or Business Chinese Group Class” 

(Skills Future Credits Approved Course) – SkillsConnect

Course fee $240 per pax for 10 lessons of 2-hour each, to be completed in 10 weeks. Students can choose their own class schedule from below and venue will be at our training centre.


Conversational Chinese Beginner 1 Group Class”  Morning 10:00am to 12:00pm for 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd Date
B102MEvery Monday 13 Feb17 Apr
B103MEvery Tuesday14 Mar16 May
B104MEvery Wednesday12 Apr21 Jun
B105MEvery Thursday11 May13 Jul
B106MEvery Friday16 Jun18 Aug
B107MEvery Monday 10 Jul18 Sep
B108MEvery Tuesday15 Aug17 Oct
B109MEvery Wednesday13 Sep22 Nov
B110MEvery Thursday12 Oct14 Dec
B111MEvery Friday10 Nov12 Jan

Conversational Chinese Beginner 1 Group Class” Evening 7:00pm to 9:00pm for 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee
B102EEvery Monday
- Full House
20 Feb24 Apr$240/pax
B103EEvery Friday
- Limited seats
31 Mar02 Jun$240/pax
B104EEvery Friday
- Registration Open
21 Apr23 Jun$240/pax
B105EEvery Friday
- Registration Open
19 May21 Jul$240/pax
B106EEvery Friday23 Jun25 Aug$240/pax
B107EEvery Monday 17 Jul25 Sep$240/pax
B108EEvery Tuesday22 Aug24 Oct$240/pax
B109EEvery Wednesday20 Sep29 Nov$240/pax
B110EEvery Thursday19 Oct21 Dec$240/pax
B111EEvery Friday17 Nov18 Feb$240/pax

Conversational Chinese Beginner 1 Group Class” Weekend 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee
B102w-PMEvery Sunday 2pm-4pm
- Full House
26 Feb30 Apr$240/pax
B103w-AMEvery Saturday 10am-12pm
- Limited Seats
25 Mar27 May$240/pax
B104w-PMEvery Sunday 2pm-4pm
- Registration Open
30 Apr09 Jun$240/pax
B105w-AMEvery Sunday 10pm-12pm28 May06 Aug$240/pax
B106w-PMEvery Sunday 2pm-4pm18 Jun27 Aug$240/pax
B107w-AMEvery Sunday 10pm-12pm30 Jul01 Oct$240/pax
B108w-PMEvery Sunday 2pm-4pm27 Aug29 Oct$240/pax
B109w-AMEvery Sunday 10pm-12pm24 Sep26 Nov$240/pax
B110w-PMEvery Sunday 2pm-4pm29 Oct14 Jan$240/pax
B111w-AMEvery Sunday 10pm-12pm26 Nov18 Feb$240/pax

Conversational Chinese Beginner 1 Group Class” Daily Class 10 lessons over 10 days

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee
B202MEvery Tuesday 14 Feb18 Apr$240/pax
B203MEvery Wednesday15 Mar17 May$240/pax
B204MEvery Thursday13 Apr22 Jun$240/pax
B205MEvery Friday12 May14 Jul$240/pax
B206MEvery Monday19 Jun21 Aug$240/pax
B207MEvery Tuesday11 Jul19 Sep$240/pax
B208MEvery Wednesday16 Aug18 Oct$240/pax
B209MEvery Thursday14 Sep23 Nov$240/pax
B210MEvery Friday13 Oct15 Dec$240/pax
B211MEvery Monday13 Nov15 Jan 2018$240/pax

Conversational Chinese Beginner 2 Group Class”  Evening 7:00pm to 9:00pm for 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee
B202EEvery Tuesday21 Feb25 Apr$240/pax
B203EEvery Wednesday22 Mar24 May$240/pax
B204EEvery Thursday20 Apr29 Jun$240/pax
B205EEvery Friday19 May21 Jul$240/pax
B206EEvery Monday26 Jun28 Aug$240/pax
B207EEvery Tuesday18 Jul26 Sep$240/pax
B208EEvery Wednesday23 Aug25 Oct$240/pax
B209EEvery Thursday21 Sep30 Nov$240/pax
B210EEvery Friday20 Oct22 Dec$240/pax
B211EEvery Monday20 Nov20 Feb 2018$240/pax

Conversational Chinese Beginner 2 Group Class” Weekend 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee
B202w-AMEvery Sunday 10-12pm26 Feb30 Apr$240/pax
B203w-PMEvery Sunday 2-4pm26 Mar28 May$240/pax
B204w-AMEvery Sunday 10-12pm30 Apr09 Jun$240/pax
B205w-PMEvery Sunday 2-4pm28 May06 Aug$240/pax
B206w-AMEvery Sunday 10-12pm18 Jun27 Aug$240/pax
B207w-PMEvery Sunday 2-4pm30 Jul01 Oct$240/pax
B208w-AMEvery Sunday 10-12pm27 Aug29 Oct$240/pax
B209w-PMEvery Sunday 2-4pm24 Sep26 Nov$240/pax
B210w-AMEvery Sunday 10-12pm29 Oct14 Jan$240/pax
B211w-PMEvery Sunday 2-4pm26 Nov18 Feb$240/pax

Conversational Chinese Beginner 3 Group Class” for 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd Date
B304EEvery Friday 7-9pm21 Apr23 Jun
B304WEvery Saturday 10-12pm22 Apr24 Jun
B305EEvery Friday 7-9pm26 May27 Jul
B305WEvery Saturday 10-12pm27 May28 Jul
B306EEvery Monday26 Jun28 Aug
B307EEvery Tuesday18 Jul26 Sep
B308EEvery Wednesday23 Aug25 Oct
B309EEvery Thursday21 Sep30 Nov
B310EEvery Friday20 Oct22 Dec
B311EEvery Monday20 Nov20 Feb 2018

Business Chinese Group Class” for 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd Date
B604EEvery Tuesday 7-9pm25 Apr27 Jun
B604WEvery Saturday 10-12pm22 Apr24 Jun
B605EEvery Tuesday 7-9pm30 May01 Aug
B605WEvery Saturday 10-12pm27 May28 Jul
B606EEvery Tuesday 7-9pm27 Jun29 Aug
B607EEvery Tuesday18 Jul26 Sep
B608EEvery Wednesday23 Aug25 Oct
B609EEvery Thursday21 Sep30 Nov
B610EEvery Friday20 Oct22 Dec
B611EEvery Monday20 Nov20 Feb 2018
For Beginner 3, or higher level / Business Chinese Group Classes – please contact us for latest schedules


Click below for guide how to use your SkillsFuture Credits

  1. Payment from SkillsFuture to Chinese Edge
  2. Pay first and claim back from SkillsFuture Credit


Group Class Details

Each level consists of 20 training hours for 10 lessons over 10 weeks completion

Course Fee includes below materials given to student:

(One copy of course book & e-copy of workbook, Audio Cd & Video lessons)

If you missed any classes, here are the options available

– Watch our Video lesson and listen to audio CD for own revision

– Quick catch class, need to be arranged and RSVP


Our Centre is located near 3 MRT stations (Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar, and Telok Ayer)

Venue: 137 Cecil Street level #07-04 Hengda Building, Singapore 069537


Our Mandarin conversational course is based on the practices and researches of Chinese Language and teaching Chinese as a second language, integrating the effective methods used in foreign language teaching in both Singapore and China.

We use pedagogical leads and practices of the 21st century to deliver our Chinese courses. Practical, concise and interesting teaching materials are selected with effective learning and teaching methods, to provide convenience for various types of learners of Chinese language.

Courses Content

These are the classification of our Chinese courses and each level consist of 10 Chinese lessons covering ten units.
Conversational Chinese Beginner 1

includes self-introduction, nationality, work activities, hobbies, family, directions, dress attire, festivals, calendar, food and other measuring words.

Conversational Chinese Beginner 2

includes price negotiation, public places, transport, holidays, scheduling, body parts, weather, cities, symptom, everyday activities and more common verbs and adjectives.

Conversational Chinese Beginner 3

includes travelling, booking hotel, food & drinks, special skills, permitting and forbidding, direction of action, watching movie, clearing security, entering contest and about study.

Conversational Chinese Intermediate 1

includes ceremony, about study, commenting in restaurant, custom and habit, seeking employment, work experience, gift giving, seeking accommodation, holiday, unpleasant experience, future plans and many more.

Conversational Chinese Intermediate 2

includes text building from stories, anecdotes, encyclopaedic essays and Chinese culture. Used and understand Grammar, memorize and learn the use in sentence patterns and commons words taught. Vocabulary and Chinese characters are employ in various activities for review, memorize and use common Chinese words and characters to deepen the understanding of method used to build Chinese words.includes travelling, booking hotel, food & drinks, special skills, permitting and forbidding, direction of action, watching movie, clearing security, entering contest and about study.

Conversational Chinese Intermediate 3

includes common words used by illustrations and categorization, the constituents of Chinese words are analyzed to help learners understand the rule of Chinese word building. Communicative activities engaged by students and trainers aim to improve interpersonal skills and to cultivate their ability to express paragraphs. With use of all words, grammar points and topic framework in real-life communications.