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When it comes to learning a new language, age is never an obstacle! It is a myth that a new language is best taught to children and that only children can properly pick up a new language. There are many benefits of learning a new language no matter what your age may be. However, before knowing the importance of learning at different ages, you should understand why it is important to learn a new language. Why is learning a new language important? The most important benefit of learning a new language is

Chinese has earned itself the reputation of being one of the most difficult languages to learn. Although learning a language can always be challenging for an individual at the beginning, if he or she puts in the effort, then nothing can stop them. When it comes to language learning, vocabulary plays an important role as it determines how well you can describe the things around you. However, if you are constantly facing trouble with memorising your Chinese vocabulary, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few memorisation tips that

Did you know the learning Chinese can be useful even when you are abroad, and not just in China? Below are some of the many benefits of taking online Chinese lessons in Singapore and knowing Chinese when you are out of your home country. 1. Over 1 billion people speak it It is true that over 1 billion people speak Mandarin all over the world. While the reality is that most of these Mandarin speakers are concentrated in China and other Chinese-speaking countries, the fact remains that the numbers don’t lie. This

In the not-too-distant past, majority of people still believed that face-to-face language classes are the best at providing each individual with the proper knowledge and self-confidence. Online language classes, while available, were seen as the ‘second-best’ choice. However, online language classes are gaining more popularity and acceptance because of its convenient nature, making it easy to fit into a tight schedule. Online classes are also improving in quality, making some of them almost on par with in-person classes. So, if you're thinking of taking up an online language class, such as

A lot of us may already know that learning a second language can be beneficial. Not only is it good for the brain, but it can also help us with personal development, and more importantly, our professional careers! However, many people these days seek to learn Chinese as their second language of choice. Why is that? What exactly is it about Chinese that makes enrolling in a Chinese course in Singapore worth it? Well, here are 4 essential reasons as to why you should learn Chinese as a second language! 1. Chinese

Learning a new language isn’t easy, especially for those who are learning a second language for the first time. While many online Chinese courses in Singapore teach you how to write, read, and speak in a new language, the ability to stay motivated is just as important when it comes to learning. As learning a new language can be difficult, you should seek to get the most out of your online Chinese learning as much as possible. Here are a few essential tips to help you stay motivated in your language

Travelling is a well-loved activity because it offers us the opportunity to experience things beyond our daily lives. If you love to travel, China is one place you should have in your travel bucket list! Not only is the country unique for its rich history and culture, it is also huge – which means plenty of attractions and activities for you to cover! While travelling has to take a pause due to the global pandemic, it wouldn’t hurt to plan ahead for your next holiday. Why not let us run you

Anyone can indeed learn a new language at any age, including the Chinese language. No matter where you are in the world, it is never too late to learn Chinese. While it is true that younger children seemingly more ‘effortlessly’ than most adults and the elderly, older learners are also able to pick up the language as well. If you've decided to pick up a new language, whether it is Chinese or any other language, it is possible to learn it and have command over it similar to that of a

In today's world, science and technology play a major role in all fields of life. With the assistance of technology, things that may have seemed unimaginable in the past can now be done quite easily. During this difficult period where we are advised to stay home and stay safe, we should look to learn new skills that can make an impact on both our personal and professional lives. Learning a new language is one such important skill. For example, why not learn Chinese online? As online classes have become much more

One of the most gratifying facets of the human experience is having the ability to communicate and stay connected with others. Bilinguals, who speak two languages, have the best opportunity as they are able to connect with a wider range of people. This not only helps them with their professional and personal lives, but it also comes with undeniable cognitive benefits. Learning a new language can significantly improve your brain development and fend off mental ageing. In our current situation, where indoors are the safest place to be, it is the