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business Chinese courses
This Business Chinese course is caters for students who wish to improve their Mandarin communication skills for business purposes. Students who have attained HSK level 2 or above proficiency will find this course useful as our business Chinese courses place emphasis on the combination of specialist business industry knowledge and relevant working language skills. The curriculum combines collections of new items from economic newspapers and journals with systematic, novel and practical communicative skill exercises which engage with business language.


The Chinese course includes explanations of grammar to help students improve their writing and speaking whilst studying the related business content relevant to their profession and industry needs. The content will also touch on idioms, popular phrases, knowledge of business culture, and the way business should be conducted with Chinese counterparts.


Singapore students will also be trained to learn Chinese language structure for business communication including how to use the correct Chinese phrases and systematic sentence structure patterns. The training will consist of reading comprehension, role- play presentations, and assignments.

Who is this Business Chinese course for?

Our course in Singapore is for those entrepreneurs and professionals of the business world who don’t have the time to commit to regular study and whose learning needs are specific to the industry that they work in. Our classes are designed to enable these professionals to brush up on their language skills and acquire industry specific terms. This course is ultimately designed to enable ease of communication and success in business for our students.

What will be taught?

Cross cultural communication in the business world is fraught with difficulties. By removing Mandarin language barriers and providing cultural education as well as insight into the subtleties of business communication, our course sets business professionals up for commercial success. Each class entails:

  • Chinese course
    Basic business Chinese that can be used in everyday professional exchanges
  • Learn Chinese language
    Learning the communicative way that is appropriate to the Chinese speaking environment – this includes learning about China’s economic state and the rules for business exchanges such as trade, investment, cooperation and the management of enterprises.
  • Mandarin courses
    Cultural education to assist in effective cross cultural communication. This aspects of the class includes learning about Chinese business customs and rules as well as background information about Chinese culture.

Our course will prepare you to communicate and express yourself in a variety of situations including:

  • Learn Chinese Singapore
    Social occasion and formal receptions
  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    Greetings and Introductions

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    Apologising and congratulating

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    Shopping and traveling

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    Talking and making appointments

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    Commercial activities like Presentation skills using Business Chinese

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    Giving a brief account of a company or product

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    Asking or providing a formal quotation

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    Making official comment or statement on behalf of a company

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    Consulting, negotiating bargaining, writing or revising a plan or proposal, discussing possible cooperative outcomes

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    Analyzing and sorting out problems

Aim of the course

Our business Chinese course in Singapore will enable you to learn Chinese phonetics and basic grammar including over 2000 commonly used business sentences and about 1200 words. We will help you to make an overall plan based on what areas you would like to improve and the level of fluency you wish to achieve.

Teaching Methodology

Our class uses both a course book and multimedia material to produce the best learning outcomes. Each unit involves both speaking and practice and role play based on common situations learners will encounter in the course of their business activities. Learners are also encouraged to take private lessons so that the curriculum can be tailored to suit their needs.
Business Chinese Evening Group Class 7:00pm to 9:00pm for 10 lessons

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee
CE932706Every Tuesday 7pm - 9pm27 Jun29 Aug$400/pax
CE931107Every Tuesday 7pm - 9pm11 Jul12 Sep$400/pax
CE932507Every Tuesday 7pm - 9pm25 Jul26 Sep$400/pax
CE930808Every Tuesday 7pm - 9pm08 Aug10 Oct$400/pax
CE932908Every Tuesday 7pm - 9pm29 Aug24 Oct$400/pax
CE931209Every Tuesday 7pm - 9pm12 Sep07 Nov$400/pax

Each level consists of 20 training hours for 10 lessons over 10 weeks to completion.

One Time Registration Fee $50/pax (applies to all level of learning)

Material fee of $50 per pax (including course book & workbook, Audio Cd, Video lessons and custom-made syllabus)

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  • Chinese course

    Both course book and multimedia tools are applied in the course to maximize the learning result on Business conversations.

  • Learn Chinese language

    Practice and role-plays are arranged for each unit classified by various communicative functions. In typical and common situations learners are given necessary knowledge and skills for effective communication.

  • Mandarin courses

    Learners are encouraged to have either group or private Chinese lessons under a teacher so that business Chinese content can be made to customize and suit best for each unique requirement.

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