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    Chinese For Adults

    Attending lessons to learn something new can be quite exciting and overwhelming at the same time. The hope of learning a new language comes with your dream to converse fluently with native speakers. A popular and widely used language is Mandarin—this particular dialect is considered to be the “common Chinese” and is used by almost all Chinese nationals worldwide. Of course, there are various Mandarin classes in Singapore offered by different language schools. Each schools have different programs to offer depending on the package that your are looking at. Each program

    When dealing with new markets, proper business etiquette is crucial to gain the trust of your associates and impress any clients. If you are expanding your business to China, you can solve any cultural challenges with simple practices. You may need a little humility to succeed, but you don’t necessarily have to learn Chinese in Singapore. However, your Chinese counterparts will appreciate any attempt to use the language while communicating. Being polite and humble forms the basis of the Chinese business etiquette. This culture depends on personal relationships to establish a

    If you wish to learn the Chinese language in Singapore, it’s important to know about simplified and traditional Chinese. Note that traditional or simplified Chinese does not refer to spoken Chinese, but rather the characters when writing. These are two sets of characters used to write Chinese. Traditional Chinese was used all over Mainland China before the 1950s. The government came to the opinion that the existing characters were too complicated for the masses to learn. Therefore, to increase the literacy rate, a decision was made to simplify the existing Chinese

    China is quickly rising as a leader in global trade. As a result, more and more Chinese nationals are traveling overseas to set up bases in different countries. Mandarin, the official language of China, is becoming more and more important as a corporate language. It’s no coincidence that most of us are welcoming increasing numbers of Chinese speakers to our cities and workplaces as business clients and guests. Chances are, you’ll come across Chinese clientele in your line of work. Of course, if you learn Mandarin in Singapore, communicating with your

    A basic knowledge of Chinese customs can be crucial to the success of your business. Few people will subscribe to your ideas if you have not shown interest in what they do or believe in. Taking some time to learn some essential elements in the customs of your business partners will make a world of difference. The Chinese love their customs and a foreigner portraying some understanding of their culture is always welcome. Enrolling in a Chinese language course will prepare you well. You do not want to find yourself in a

    You are never too young or old to learn something new. It can be anything from developing an interest in a new hobby or even learning a new language. Why would you want to learn something new? For one, it is fun. It is always fun to learn something new. When you wake up in the morning, you feel excited and enthusiastic about your day. Inserting something new into your life will make days brighter. You can consider taking a Chinese course. Most people consider Chinese a hard language to pick

    Tips on How to Sound Fluent in Chinese Language You know a good amount of words in the Chinese Language, you know how to use them and can hold yourself in an average conversation in Chinese, and now you want to sound fluent in the language? Then you are one of many people who has the same reachable ambition. If you know the right words to say and can express yourself in Chinese language, then you are already half way there, there are just some few things you need to do and

    Top Reasons Why You Should Learn Mandarin Today!     While it is admirable to pay homage and master our mother tongue, learning a foreign language or two can give us more benefits than what we initially thought. More and more people have shown interest to learn Chinese Mandarin nowadays, and we can’t help but wonder why. In today’s article, we are going to check out the top reasons why you should learn Mandarin today! Learning How to Speak Chinese Will Give You an Economic Advantage It is undeniable that China has dominated the world’s

    You decide to learn a foreign language and mention to someone that you’d like that foreign language to be Chinese. Their reaction is the same as if you’d said “I’m going to build a rocket to the moon!” This makes you doubt your decision. Why should I learn Chinese? Let me set the record straight. There are many reasons why Chinese would be a great second language to learn. First, there are over a billion people in China now, and business is booming. It’s home to one of the world’s top trading

    Those days when we sat in Chinese classes obediently in school and listening to the Mandarin teacher teach has gone. These days, the “traditional” teaching method and learning experience are being challenged, in both children and adult learning. You’re more likely to see a children’s language teacher running around and play with them to “teach” the language to the kids without the kids realizing they’re actually learning. Which is working, this is just like the movie “Inception”- first they get in your head and now you don’t even realize you’re doing things