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    Chinese For Kids

    Any society that wants to succeed will do so only when the new members (children) of society have learned the necessary skills to survive and contribute on a larger scale. Children can prepare well to tackle life with adequate coaching by those who possess the right skills, experience and knowledge. The benefit will be an increase in their ability to achieve success in life. Here are some steps parents or guardians can take to push their kids to achieve self-discovery. Encourage a Reading and Learning Habit A good reading habit is vital for any

    As the second largest economy in the world today, China is a major player that has a hand in many businesses from all over the globe. If you're in the corporate world, it only pays to try and jump in on the latest, which, in this case, is enrolling in a Chinese language course and learn the Chinese language. There are a lot of advantages to doing so. For starters, it gives you, as an individual, the ability to negotiate with leading Chinese firms on behalf of your company. But that's

    The word fluency has different meanings for different learners and it completely depends on their objective to learn the chinese language. For the basic level learners, gaining fluency is all about learning some basic terms while for the advanced learners, it’s more about gaining fluency in speaking and writing, just like a native Chinese speaker. Fluency is usually a combination of a variety of skills and there are quite a few interesting ways to practice and attain fluency in Mandarin. Some skills are obvious, which you’re already aware of but have

    It’s quite surprising to learn that childhood is probably the best time to learn a new language. Well, you must encourage your child to learn a new language besides their mother tongue, because it will eventually benefit your child’s mental development. You can opt to enrol your child in a Chinese language course, to learn the Chinese language in Singapore. Most kids begin learning a second language as early as 3 years old and they tend to benefit tremendously from it. Learning a new language helps develop their linguistic and

    The secret is out. More and more parents are starting to think forward and see the benefits of having their children learn the language of the most populous country in the world, who also has the second-largest economy. From private schools offering a Chinese language course to enrolling their children in overseas immersion programs, private tutors, and so on, the option to have toddlers learn the Chinese language is growing day by day and it's showing no signs of stopping. Then again, you can't blame the market for trying to keep up with

    As China becomes a bigger player in the world economy in the 21st century, more and more foreigners are choosing to not only enrol in a Chinese language course but also move there and be immersed in their culture. Below are 10 reasons a lot of foreigners moving to China are pointing out to 1. The Chinese Love Foreigners The Chinese people are very hospitable and will try to make your stay better. Some will even try to speak English to you. However, you may have to adjust to the random hellos and

    Communication is a crucial component of simply being human. It is through dialogue that we can convey our ideas, receive feedback and foster understanding with each other. If we cannot communicate, we would not have made any technological advancement as human beings. Language is one of the ways mankind uses to communicate. Depending on where you are born and who your parents are, you automatically get your first language, also referred to as mother tongue. Your first words and your first sentence will be in your mother tongue. Some people are

    Every parent aims to provide their child with a competitive ability over others. Attending a Mandarin course in Singapore is a lifetime investment for your child. Today, China is the second largest economy globally. Over the last few years, the demand for the ability to speak Chinese has tripled as markets have gravitated to Chinese businesses. Do not deny your child the benefits of learning Mandarin, immediate or future. The benefits make not be apparent immediately, but it will eventually. The number of Chinese foreigners in Singapore is growing each day.

    Learning the Chinese language has several benefits if you are residing in an Asian country with a Chinese-speaking population. In countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan, you would find that Chinese immigrants dominate various business and academic sectors. So if you encourage your child to learn Chinese right from the beginning, it can definitely prove helpful in future. The earlier you start the learning process, the easier it would be for your kid to master the language. The Chinese language is quite complex when it comes to writing. So, you

    How to Help Your Kids Learn Chinese Language Better More kids are learning Chinese and parents are facing a wrenching question in the midst of a westernized generation in Singapore. You might ask yourself: How to help my kids learn Chinese?  Many parents that come to our Mandarin School ask us that question. It's a common question, but it's not easy to answer. Why? Because we're living in a westernized society. Everything we learn, we learn from the west. Yes, although China is rising as a world power, but Singapore has yet to catch