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General Mandarin

When it comes to learning hard foreign languages, persistence is the key. You must be determined to learn because at times what will separate the losers and winners is perseverance. Some languages are easy to know because they are similar to your mother tongue hence you do not have to get someone to teach you. Others are hard, and if you are not determined, you won't grasp anything. Some people must learn a language to survive. For example, you might be forced to speak in a certain language to get a

Do you need to learn a new language as fast as possible? It is frustrating to know that you must learn a language at a given time, but you find you cannot. Whether you need to be fluent in a different language to get a job or you are relocating, you need to learn the tricks you can use to beat the deadline. If you do it the conventional way, you can spend months before you are fluent. This is because the courses are tailored to suit people who are

  Is it your desire to learn a new language this year? Well, then you should probably consider learning Chinese. While having your main language or second language is indeed important, you will still need a foreign tongue on top of your mother tongue to communicate with as many people as possible. With China having over two billion people, it comes as no surprise that you will probably interact with at least one of them as you go about your daily activities. It is, therefore, critical to master this language to communicate with

Singapore is a vibrant and diverse country with a range of languages spoken. The four main ones are English, Malay, Chinese, and Tamil. The national language is Malay, and it plays a significant role because the Malays are the ones recognised constitutionally as the indigenous men of the land. However, the Chinese Language has also undergone several changes in usage and priority throughout the decades. Diverse Languages Aside from the English language, the three other languages the constitution recognised were chosen regarding the dominating ethnics groups in the region. Mandarin gained stand

The Chinese language has had various changes over time. At the initial time, the Chinese language was considered to be the part of the Sino-Tibetan family. One of the main problems is that there is no written documentation of anything in these languages which has been the biggest problem of that time. And using this language did not give the satisfactory results required at that period. After the various developments in China, they have tried to develop and upgrade their language that was based on the first few systems which

If you are middle-aged or north of your thirties, you may think that it is too late in your life to learn a new language. But the truth is, it is not too late, even for a language as difficult as Mandarin. It is never too late until you are dead. While many believe that it is much easier for children to learn the Chinese language than adults, you must know that it is not impossible for an older person to learn. Children are able to learn ‘” faster” because they don’t

Learning a different language may give us exposure to new things. Learning new languages helps us to better understand different people of the world and help us to explore their culture, traditions, and societal conventions more easily. This is true for Mandarin also, as it is a language that is deeply interconnected with the Chinese culture and traditions. As Mandarin is quickly becoming a major language in the world behind the English language, it’s starting to become apparent why everyone should try to learn it. In this article, we’ll share some

Chinese is the group of languages the Chinese people speak, that includes Mandarin, Cantonese Shanghainese and other regional dialects. Mandarin is the language most Chinese people speak. People from Mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore all speak Mandarin while people from Hong Kong and the Guangdong Province in China speak Cantonese. Since the majority of Chinese people speak Mandarin, when you hear people talk about Chinese it usually refers to Mandarin Chinese. Many find Chinese difficult to learn, but is that really the case? That is a matter of opinion but some experts

Everyone loves listening to music and surely, have favourite musicians. But, did you know that it helps in learning a language too? It is an excellent way to enhance your passive knowledge of the language like listening comprehension or recognising patterns & pronunciation of any language. However, with music, you can turn your passive knowledge into active language skills. Here are some of the tips to do that: Select a mainstream radio station and start following it Try to choose a station where they talk and also play music in different languages. Radio stations

Being bilingual or even trilingual is one of the most useful and admired skill in the world currently. Being proficient in multiple languages, be it for conversational or written purposes, allows you to communicate effectively with people from different cultures in many different countries. If you are thinking of learning a language and you’re interested in signing up for classes such as the Chinese language courses, then these tips will help you in learning a language effectively so you can be proficient in no time. Most languages that you’ll be interested in