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General Mandarin

When you are starting in the beginning stages of learning Chinese, you might think that idioms are too difficult to remember and understand. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! Idioms are part of many languages because they give conversations colour. Not only will you sound smart and impressive when you pick up and use these idioms daily, but it can provide depth to your conversations. Chinese speakers integrate many different idioms in their everyday conversations. Knowing some of the most popular idioms will help you make friends easily and

English is a language that is spoken by a majority of people all across the globe, but that does not mean that you should restrict yourself from learning a new language. As the world is becoming increasingly globalised, competition in all professional fields is rising, making it essential for an individual to pick up additional skills. Among these skills, learning a new language is one of them. There are many benefits and reasons why you should enrol in a Chinese course in Singapore and learn a new language like Chinese. Here

With online Chinese courses in Singapore on a surge over the past couple of months due to the current world situation, it is important for learners to apply new methods to ensure that their learning remains productive. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many schools and training centres have had to close doors and look to online classes as an alternative learning platform. When it comes to online tutoring and Chinese language courses in Singapore, both have obvious advantages for students, such as saving time and being flexible. If you are one

Are you currently trying to learn Mandarin in Singapore? Are you looking to progress in your Mandarin language abilities? Then it's time to start practising your Mandarin in real-world applications! Throughout your entire Chinese course in Singapore, you may have had pretend conversations with teachers and other fellow students. However, stepping into the real world is quite different. Should you encounter a native Chinese speaker, then you can start a conversation with any of the following topics found below! 1. Food If there is one thing that everyone enjoys doing, it is eating!

Did you know that there are as many as 302 spoken languages in China? Although we frequently refer to Putonghua or Mandarin as simply Chinese, it can be misleading to some people, as they use Chinese to refer to all the various tongues that originated in China. If this is your first time hearing of this, or you simply want to know more about the languages of China, read on to find out more! What language do Chinese people use? Chinese is not just a singular language. Instead, it is an umbrella term

When it comes to learning a new language, age is never an obstacle! It is a myth that a new language is best taught to children and that only children can properly pick up a new language. There are many benefits of learning a new language no matter what your age may be. However, before knowing the importance of learning at different ages, you should understand why it is important to learn a new language. Why is learning a new language important? The most important benefit of learning a new language is

Chinese has earned itself the reputation of being one of the most difficult languages to learn. Although learning a language can always be challenging for an individual at the beginning, if he or she puts in the effort, then nothing can stop them. When it comes to language learning, vocabulary plays an important role as it determines how well you can describe the things around you. However, if you are constantly facing trouble with memorising your Chinese vocabulary, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few memorisation tips that

Did you know the learning Chinese can be useful even when you are abroad, and not just in China? Below are some of the many benefits of taking online Chinese lessons in Singapore and knowing Chinese when you are out of your home country. 1. Over 1 billion people speak it It is true that over 1 billion people speak Mandarin all over the world. While the reality is that most of these Mandarin speakers are concentrated in China and other Chinese-speaking countries, the fact remains that the numbers don’t lie. This

In the not-too-distant past, majority of people still believed that face-to-face language classes are the best at providing each individual with the proper knowledge and self-confidence. Online language classes, while available, were seen as the ‘second-best’ choice. However, online language classes are gaining more popularity and acceptance because of its convenient nature, making it easy to fit into a tight schedule. Online classes are also improving in quality, making some of them almost on par with in-person classes. So, if you're thinking of taking up an online language class, such as

A lot of us may already know that learning a second language can be beneficial. Not only is it good for the brain, but it can also help us with personal development, and more importantly, our professional careers! However, many people these days seek to learn Chinese as their second language of choice. Why is that? What exactly is it about Chinese that makes enrolling in a Chinese course in Singapore worth it? Well, here are 4 essential reasons as to why you should learn Chinese as a second language! 1. Chinese