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General Mandarin

Have you ever thought of taking up a new language and enrolling in Mandarin classes, only to say to yourself that you don’t have enough time? Don’t worry. Most people have experienced it. Learning a new skill or a new language like Chinese isn’t easy. It takes a lot of valuable resources. In particular, your time and money. But, it’s also a move that could help set your career up for more advancements than you could ever realize, and the only reason why that’s not happening right now is that you’re wondering

Learning how to read, write, and speak in a different language isn’t easy, especially if it’s something like the Chinese language. When you’re learning the Chinese language, you’re bound to make some mistakes. But, while most mistakes are easy to notice, some are much harder to spot. That’s why we decided to make your journey to learning a new language easier. Listed below, we took the time to round up some of the most common mistakes new Chinese language learners make. 1. Not taking the time to learn and study the Chinese characters You may be

Are you currently taking a Chinese course? Or perhaps thinking of enrolling into one? Regardless, if you are planning to learn the Chinese language, there is a good chance that you want to be fluent enough to hold a conversation and if possible – be at a near-native level. However, that might take a long time. So, you are probably thinking about the shortcuts and ways to cut down on the learning time. There are many tips online that supposedly teach you how to do just that. The only question is, is it

Children are natural learners, but that does not mean they are always willing to learn. Every parent who has ever tried to teach their children anything new, especially a new language, know the struggle. But, because of how important it is to start children on the path of picking up multiple languages while they are still young – it is still well worth the effort. Of course, even if learning a new language like Mandarin is not always an easy task, there are plenty of ways to make it more fun. Below, you

To learn the Chinese language is a huge undertaking. For the reason that you’re thinking of learning a new language alone, you deserve a lot of credit. While learning a language like Chinese can make for quite a rewarding experience, especially in keeping up with an ever-competitive job market – it’s hard to deny how much we all want to learn the language as fast as possible. With that being said, we aim to shed some light on how long it takes to actually become fluent and hold a proper conversation in

Those who are keen to learn the Chinese language in Singapore often hire a private tutor, or enrol themselves in a Chinese language course. While both of these are effective in their own respective ways, neither are nearly enough for fast and proper language mastery – especially if you don’t know how to make them work for you. To get the most out of your time and effort, below are 4 essential tips that you can apply. 1. Speak only in Chinese Whether your classroom is physical or virtual, once the classes have started, think

Dictionaries are a nice resource to have when learning a new language. In fact, you could argue that they’re the most valuable resource to anyone trying to learn a new language, like Chinese. However, a lot of people seem to have a misconception that a dictionary is all you’ll ever need to learn a new language. That’s not true. The thing is, while useful and extremely accessible, Chinese dictionaries aren’t the only resource that you should be tapping into in order to learn the Chinese language in the fastest and most powerful manner. You

There has been an increasing number of people wanting to take up the Chinese language in recent years. Why you may ask? The truth is, Mandarin Chinese is one of the most beneficial languages you can learn today. Not only is it a gateway to multiple economic opportunities, it can also bring about many other benefits into your day-to-day life! Here are some benefits to signing up for a Chinese language course: It’s one of the most used language in the world Mandarin Chinese is currently the most spoken language in the world, with

It’s estimated that at least 1 out of 6 people in the world speak Chinese. It is hard to ignore the fact that China has quickly become a major player in the world market in recent years. As one of the world’s top economic powerhouses, Chinese corporations have had their hands in multiple international businesses across the world. Despite the interest of Chinese corporations in branching outside of their native country, doing negotiations and deals can sometimes prove difficult due to communication barriers and cultural differences. For this very reason alone, it makes

The best way to experience the local culture of the places that you are traveling to isn’t by spending more, or purchasing the best tourist packages. Rather, it’s by interacting with the actual locals themselves. But, doing so is much easier said than done. Language barriers can be a real threat to how much you can communicate with the locals. Not being to speak the native language can not only be frustrating at times, but it makes it harder to fully immerse yourself in their culture as well. This adds as extra incentive