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General Mandarin

Whether you are travelling to Mandarin or Chinese speaking countries like China and Taiwan or encountering a Chinese tourist in your home city, it is wise to know a few common Chinese phrases. Knowing just a few basic words can help you interact with Chinese speakers and open the door to further inter-cultural exchanges. Here are our top 10 (easy) Common Chinese phrases that you can practice without the hassle of spending hours to learn Mandarin in Singapore. 1. 你好! (nǐ hǎo) - Hi! A simple but easy first phrase you should know and

Chinese is a popular language all around the world. Today, you need to learn several languages to comfortably do business all over the world. It is important to note that China is an economic superpower. It is also a health hub and most people across the world find treatment in China. Without learning the Chinese language, it may not be easy to work or stay in China. Here are other great reasons to learn the Chinese language. Chinese is among the widely spoken language across the world Statistics show that at least

Mandarin Chinese is the official language for Taiwan, China and Singapore. Even though Chinese is the official language of only three countries, you have to take into account the size of these three countries. China has a population of 1.4 billion people, Taiwan, 23.5 million and the smallest country out of the three, Singapore with a population of 5.3 million. According to worldometers.info, the world’s population will reach a whopping 7.7 billion by the end of 2018. If you do the math, Chinese speakers make up a full seventh of

The Chinese language is hard to learn! You might have heard this phrase quite frequently. If you are interested in learning the Chinese language but are unable to follow the rigid timelines of academies or instructors, the good news is – You can learn it yourself. The Chinese language is not as hard as people might think. As long as you follow some basic learning rules, you can pretty much learn anything about this language. When you're learning a language, you should be driven by your goals so depending on what your

Want to learn the Chinese language? Here are the five best resources available to help you in your endeavour: 1. Textbooks: One of the best textbooks for learning Chinese is the integrated Chinese series. The complete set of books is very well written. The integrated Chinese series is the easiest to understand, best laid out and most straightforward in terms of writing style. That definitely deserves a place in your bookshelf, whether or not you want your textbook in traditional characters or simplified characters. However, the integrated Chinese books do only go

How long would it take to learn the Chinese language? This is perhaps one of the most common questions that every learner aspiring to learn the Chinese language might ask his/her instructor or from the people who already got command over the language. The simple answer to this basic question is - it depends! It depends on the level of effort that you are willing to put into it. While some sites or books will tell you that you can learn to speak Chinese fluently in a week or so, it is

If you are a frequent visitor to China then you should know that there are certain things you need to do to save money and time when you visit this complex country yet again. Make your next visit feel as if you are an actual native living there and a great way to start is by taking the initiative to learn Chinese in Singapore before making your way to the country. This way, you will not need to employ anyone to guide you, interpret the language or carry your language. Also,

Learning a new language is always a great idea. But when it comes to choosing a second language, some people can’t decide between the most popular languages as there are so many to choose from! This is where we tell you that Mandarin Chinese should be among your choices! In this article, we will explore the Mandarin language and why learning Chinese in Singapore or anywhere in the world is a great idea. Let’s begin. THE MANDARIN CHINESE LANGUAGE In China, there are a number of languages and dialects that are spoken by the

When it comes to learning hard foreign languages, persistence is the key. You must be determined to learn because at times what will separate the losers and winners is perseverance. Some languages are easy to know because they are similar to your mother tongue hence you do not have to get someone to teach you. Others are hard, and if you are not determined, you won't grasp anything. Some people must learn a language to survive. For example, you might be forced to speak in a certain language to get a

Do you need to learn a new language as fast as possible? It is frustrating to know that you must learn a language at a given time, but you find you cannot. Whether you need to be fluent in a different language to get a job or you are relocating, you need to learn the tricks you can use to beat the deadline. If you do it the conventional way, you can spend months before you are fluent. This is because the courses are tailored to suit people who are