Premium Chinese Lessons for Children in Singapore

Chinese Edge specially designed various Chinese courses for kids between the age of 3 to 18 years old.

Chinese language is a special subject in school. The ways of thinking in the language structures are naturally hidden in the language itself. It’s hard for kids to develop the correct language rules and grammar and to utilize these in both speaking and writing.


It is therefore very important to develop kids’ Chinese language skills from a young age. The key to developing linguistic fluency and creative thinking is to improve their communicative skills so as to help them perform better in school. Developing second language communication and writing skills at an early age can enhance kids study and in the future, benefit their career.


The aim of our Children Chinese lessons is to establish core speaking and writing skills as well as training kids to self-study Chinese language on their own in the long term. Children will become fluent in Chinese by conversing freely, mastering standardized reading methods and reading comprehension strategies.


children chinese course

Children Chinese lessons
Kids Conversational


At Chinese Edge we recommend that parents have their children start learning Chinese between 3 and 5 years old. At this age, they are able to partake in the initial stages of learning. Becoming participants at this age is important because early informal learning lays the groundwork for good study habits in the future.


Our Children Mandarin lessons for kids in Singapore are taught under as a private course with fun and interactive ways of learning to help your children succeed. For non-Mandarin speaking students, there are also some options available

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    20 hours to be a Little Reader

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    40 hours to be a Creative Reader

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    80 hours to be a Storyteller

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    100 hours to be a Speaker

Our teaching methodology has been proven to help children excel in reading, oral expression and writing skills when compared with other kids at a similar age.

Fun and effective Mandarin lessons to help your children succeed

Chinese Edge designs a tailor-made teaching system for each kid. Our lesson methodology is not just based on a certain course book as learning a language is a matter of accumulation, and we know that children learn best when they are not

under pressure.

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    Learn through fun and engaging activities

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    Build a strong foundation in speaking, writing and reading to prepare your child for school

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    Taught by experienced and passionate teachers who are trained in early childhood education and an expert in Chinese teaching

We believe that kids learn best through expression and practice and

Here are the steps recommended:

Oral, speaking and written plug

To help children speak the Mandarin language accurately and fluently, develop written language for a variety of learning exchanges, and enhance thinking skills over the course of practice to master reading strategies.


Our speech and eloquence training system is designed to help children construct logical sentences and develop a quick thinking and reaction system. Children will be able to collect information in a short time, analyse it, and present it in summarized form to express their ideological position. During lessons, children will be taught to issue clear, methodical, and informative as well as be able to speak publicly, use analogy, and answer questions calmly, forming attractive and appealing charisma in the process.


We work to instil a passion for writing in Mandarin and produce students who are confident, competent, and creative written communicators. We cultivate these capabilities from a lot of reading and classic writing strategies such as real-life scenario exercises and stylistic writing practices.

A course designed for kids of all ages

Little Reader

3-6 yrs old

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    To develop a good reading habit

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    To obtain the skills to ask and answer questions related to various topics

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    To master the basic reading and comprehension skills

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    To tell short stories freely with the key words provided

Little Speaker

7-12 yrs old

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    To develop extensive reading skills

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    To learn to think creatively

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    To make presentations with clear, functional Mandarin structures and sentences

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    To develop writing skills

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    To improve school results by following the MCE/IB curriculum

Little Writter

13-18 yrs old

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    To be able to analyse writing techniques and language expressions through reading

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    To strengthen critical thinking and express opinions eloquently

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    To improve school results by following the MOE/IB curriculum

  • Learn Chinese Singapore

    To learn a variety of expression styles and use rhetorical methods to form an individual writing style

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