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    Why is Chinese language an amazing language?

    Why is Chinese language an amazing language?

    learn chinese singaporeDid you know that Chinese texts are one of the oldest languages that are still alive and developing throughout the course of over 4000 years? It goes way back to when the first words are complex pictographs that are very much different from the ones that are used nowadays. However, it was improved on its shape and simplified over thousands of years, even enabling itself to be merged with the roman alphabets and Taiwanese pronunciation symbols, making its way to becoming a language even easier to input on a computer than English.

    Mandarin on the other hand, is the official language of China. It was picked out from among thousands of other Chinese languages to be the recognized, official language that aims to facilitate mutual understanding between Chinese speakers all over China. It is alright if you do not speak any of the regional languages in China, you just need to know Mandarin to get your way through everywhere. If you can write in Chinese, you will discover a more amazing fact, that is it can be perfectly read out in different Chinese languages that sounds totally different from each other.

    Mandarin is the language that enabled Chinese to be united and understood all over the world, and with China growing to be the economic giant in the global standing. It is a great key that will enable you to unlock a lot of potential business markets, great amounts of knowledge collected throughout thousands of years in China, and be welcomed into experiencing the multitude of different cultures on mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and other overseas counterparts.

    Join in the party of over one billion of mandarin speakers around the world and explore the different heights of advantages that you can reach when you learn mandarin with us in Singapore. It is one amazing language that exists in this world, and those who have no knowledge of it, is missing out pretty badly. Register for a class and learn mandarin at Chinese Edge Singapore. Let us bring you step by step into the wonderful, rich language made up from a totally new system. It will change the way you perceive everything, and that is one great way to widen up your horizon and open up a whole new world in front of you.