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Chinese Trial Class

Chinese Trial Class

Chinese Trial Class Video

Watch our Recorded Trial Class Video – for beginner 1 learning

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Class Schedule and Fees


Private Mandarin Class (1 pax to 2pax)

Tuition fee $1,200 for 10 lessons of 2-hour each. Students can choose their own class schedule and venue for class.

Free Assessment over the phone will be given if you have Mandarin learning before, to determine your entry level.


Group Mandarin Class (per pax)

Course consists of 10 lessons of 2-hour each. Students can choose their own class schedule from below table with venue be at our training centre.

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee/student
CE110608 *Every Tue 10am - 12pm13 Aug15 Oct$500
CE112608Every Mon 10am - 12pm26 Aug28 Oct$500
CE111909Every Thu 10am - 12pm19 Sep21 Nov$500
CE111610Every Wed 10am - 12pm16 Oct18 Dec$500
CE111211Every Tue 10am - 12pm12 Nov14 Jan$500
CE110212Every Mon 10am - 12pm02 Dec10 Feb$500
Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
CE131508Every Thu 7-9pm15 Aug17 Oct$500
CE132608Every Mon 7-9pm26 Aug04 Nov$500
CE131009Every Tue 7-9pm10 Sep12 Nov$500
CE132509Every Wed 7-9pm25 Sep27 Nov$500
CE130710Every Mon 7-9pm07 Oct16 Dec$500
CE132410Every Thu 7-9pm24 Oct26 Dec$500
CE130511Every Tue 7-9pm05 Nov07 Jan$500
CE132011Every Wed 7-9pm20 Nov05 Feb$500
CE130212Every Mon 7-9pm02 Dec10 Feb$500
CE131912Every Thu 7-9pm19 Dec20 Feb$500
CE130701Every Tue 7-9pm07 Jan10 Mar$500
CE132901Every Wed 7-9pm29 Jan01 Apr$500
Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
CE141008Every Sat 10am - 12pm10 Aug12 Oct$500
CE140109Every Sun 2pm - 4pm01 Sep10 Nov$500
CE142109Every Sat 2pm - 4pm21 Sep23 Nov$500
CE141310Every Sun 10am - 12pm13 Oct22 Dec$500
CE140211Every Sat 10am - 12pm02 Nov04 Jan$500
CE142411Every Sun 2pm - 4pm24 Nov02 Feb$500
CE141412Every Sat 2pm - 4pm14 Dec15 Feb$500
CE140501Every Sun 10am - 12pm05 Jan15 Mar$500
CE140102Every Sat 10am - 12pm01 Feb04 Apr$500
Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
CE151908Mon to Fri 10am-12pm19 Aug30 Aug$500
CE150209Mon to Fri 10am-12pm02 Sep13 Sep$500
CE151509Mon to Fri 10am-12pm15 Sep27 Sep$500
CE150710Mon to Fri 10am-12pm07 Oct18 Oct$500
CE152110Mon to Fri 10am-12pm21 Oct01 Nov$500
CE150411Mon to Fri 10am-12pm04 Nov15 Nov$500
CE151811Mon to Fri 10am-12pm18 Nov29 Nov$500
CE150212Mon to Fri 10am-12pm02 Dec13 Dec$500
CE151612Mon to Fri 10am-12pm16 Dec27 Dec$500
CE150601Mon to Fri 10am-12pm06 Jan17 Jan$500
CE152001Mon to Fri 10am-12pm20 Jan31 Jan$500

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