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Chinese Group Courses SkillsFuture Credit-eligible course


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Chinese Group Courses SkillsFuture Credit-eligible course

Chinese Group Courses SkillsFuture Credit-eligible course


About this course


Chinese Edge offers SkillsFuture Credit-eligible Language Courses in Singapore to develop the competency of the learner’s Chinese communication skills and learn Mandarin. The teaching materials in our Mandarin classes consists of textbook and workbook, face-to-face classroom learning, multimedia CD and individual learning plans with enriching teaching resources available, dedicated to meet the needs of learners at any level in Chinese learning.

Our Chinese Courses, including SkillsFuture Conversational Chinese course, cater to elementary learners of Chinese language. Focused on fulfilling the basic needs of communication in daily lives, the course also covers the language skills needed in learning and working environments as well as social activities. Our Mandarin classes will introduce you to common expressions, words, phrases, and grammar to help you establish a solid foundation as a newcomer to learning Chinese.

SkillsFuture Credit-eligible Chinese Language Courses
Our Chinese lessons have been designed to enhance daily conversational skills on top of practical vocabulary knowledge through a simple role-play teaching method. Do not get frustrated and lose hope if you encounter some phrases and words to be challenging to pronounce initially.

You may come across many sounds that will be unfamiliar and new, and attempting to say them may be difficult at first. Through practice and scenarios learning, you will soon realise in your ability to recognize the sounds of Mandarin before producing them naturally. As your ability and skill develop, you will begin to converse well in the various daily conversations.

We use the syllabus from Hanban, a Public institute affiliated to China Ministry of Education. Browse our list of Conversational Chinese courses below, available in Beginner and Intermediate levels, and understand more about our Chinese lessons and teaching methodology.

For Group Lessons

Important Benefits

  1. SkillsFuture Credit-eligible course (For Singaporeans above the age of 25 years old)
  2. Hanban-accredited Chinese course syllabus sourced from a public institution affiliated with the Ministry of Education in China
  3. Bilingual teachers with extensive experience and native Mandarin speakers (able to explain and teach in class using proficient English)
  4. Our pool of Mandarin teachers are Applied Mandarin Linguistics Certified and professionally trained.
  5. An interactive and engaging way of learning Mandarin. (practice in forming sentences and role-play methods)
  6. Dynamic learning tool available 24/7 – coursebook & E-workbook, in-house video lessons, and audio-CD. Communicative teaching approach will be utilized across all levels of students.
  7. Effective learning tools – Video Lessons & Audio files available for students to review before or after attending each class.
  8. Double learning support – course book and work book’s e-copy are distributed for students to practice on.
  9. Public Group Class size on average is 6 to 8 students to one teacher. Good Teacher to students ratio for higher quality learning.



SkillsFuture Credit-eligible Courses include – “Conversational Chinese Beginner 1 , 2, | Lower & Upper Intermediate | Business Chinese Group Class” 

Course fee $500 per pax for 10 lessons of 2-hour each, to be completed in 10 weeks. Students can choose their own class schedule from below and venue will be at our training centre.

“Conversational Chinese Beginner 1 Group Class”  Morning 10:00am to 12:00pm for 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee/student
CE110608 *Every Tue 10am - 12pm13 Aug15 Oct$500
CE112608Every Mon 10am - 12pm26 Aug28 Oct$500
CE111909Every Thu 10am - 12pm19 Sep21 Nov$500
CE111610Every Wed 10am - 12pm16 Oct18 Dec$500
CE111211Every Tue 10am - 12pm12 Nov14 Jan$500
CE110212Every Mon 10am - 12pm02 Dec10 Feb$500

“Conversational Chinese Beginner 1 Group Class” Evening 7:00pm to 9:00pm for 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
CE131508Every Thu 7-9pm15 Aug17 Oct$500
CE132608Every Mon 7-9pm26 Aug04 Nov$500
CE131009Every Tue 7-9pm10 Sep12 Nov$500
CE132509Every Wed 7-9pm25 Sep27 Nov$500
CE130710Every Mon 7-9pm07 Oct16 Dec$500
CE132410Every Thu 7-9pm24 Oct26 Dec$500
CE130511Every Tue 7-9pm05 Nov07 Jan$500
CE132011Every Wed 7-9pm20 Nov05 Feb$500
CE130212Every Mon 7-9pm02 Dec10 Feb$500
CE131912Every Thu 7-9pm19 Dec20 Feb$500
CE130701Every Tue 7-9pm07 Jan10 Mar$500
CE132901Every Wed 7-9pm29 Jan01 Apr$500

“Conversational Chinese Beginner 1 Group Class” Weekend 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
CE141008Every Sat 10am - 12pm10 Aug12 Oct$500
CE140109Every Sun 2pm - 4pm01 Sep10 Nov$500
CE142109Every Sat 2pm - 4pm21 Sep23 Nov$500
CE141310Every Sun 10am - 12pm13 Oct22 Dec$500
CE140211Every Sat 10am - 12pm02 Nov04 Jan$500
CE142411Every Sun 2pm - 4pm24 Nov02 Feb$500
CE141412Every Sat 2pm - 4pm14 Dec15 Feb$500
CE140501Every Sun 10am - 12pm05 Jan15 Mar$500
CE140102Every Sat 10am - 12pm01 Feb04 Apr$500

“Conversational Chinese Beginner 1 Group Class” Daily Class 10 lessons over 10 days

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
CE151908Mon to Fri 10am-12pm19 Aug30 Aug$500
CE150209Mon to Fri 10am-12pm02 Sep13 Sep$500
CE151509Mon to Fri 10am-12pm15 Sep27 Sep$500
CE150710Mon to Fri 10am-12pm07 Oct18 Oct$500
CE152110Mon to Fri 10am-12pm21 Oct01 Nov$500
CE150411Mon to Fri 10am-12pm04 Nov15 Nov$500
CE151811Mon to Fri 10am-12pm18 Nov29 Nov$500
CE150212Mon to Fri 10am-12pm02 Dec13 Dec$500
CE151612Mon to Fri 10am-12pm16 Dec27 Dec$500
CE150601Mon to Fri 10am-12pm06 Jan17 Jan$500
CE152001Mon to Fri 10am-12pm20 Jan31 Jan$500

“Conversational Chinese Beginner 1 Group Class” Weekday Evening Intensive Class 10 lessons over 4 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
CE170608Tue + Thu + Fri
(7pm to 9pm)
06 Aug29 Aug$500
CE170209Mon + Wed + Fri
(7pm - 9pm)
02 Sep23 Sep$500
CE170810Tue + Thu + Fri
(7pm to 9pm)
08 Oct29 Oct$500
CE170411Mon + Wed + Fri
(7pm - 9pm)
04 Nov25 Nov$500
CE170212Mon + Wed + Fri
(7pm - 9pm)
02 Dec23 Dec$500

“Conversational Chinese Beginner 1 Group Class”  Holiday Block Classes

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
CE1909083 Days Course 6hrs/day
(10am to 5pm)
09 Aug11 Aug$500
CE1926103 Days Course 6hrs/day
(10am to 5pm)
26 Oct28 Oct$500
CE1928123 Days Course 6hrs/day
(10am to 5pm)
28 Dec 1901 Jan 20$500
CE1925013 Days Course 6hrs/day
(10am to 5pm)
25 Jan 2027 Jan 20$500
CE1910043 Days Course 6hrs/day
(10am to 5pm)
10 Apr 2012 Apr 20$500

“Conversational Chinese Beginner 2 Group Class”  Morning 10:00am to 12:00pm for 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
CE211408Every Wed 10am - 12pm14 Aug16 Oct$500
CE211909Every Thu 10am-12pm19 Sep21 Nov$500
CE211510Every Tue 10am-12pm15 Oct17 Dec$500
CE211311Every Wed 10am-12pm13 Nov29 Jan$500
CE211212Every Thu 10am - 12pm12 Dec13 Feb$500
CE211401Every Tue 10am - 12pm14 Jan17 Mar$500

“Conversational Chinese Beginner 2 Group Class”  Evening 7:00pm to 9:00pm for 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
CE231308Every Tue 7pm-9pm13 Aug15 Oct$500
CE231109Every Wed 7pm-9pm11 Sep13 Nov$500
CE230710Every Mon 7pm-9pm07 Oct16 Dec$500
CE230711Every Thu 7pm-9pm07 Nov09 Jan$500
CE231012Every Tue 7pm-9pm10 Dec11 Feb$500
CE231501Every Wed 7pm-9pm15 Jan18 Mat$500

“Conversational Chinese Beginner 2 Group Class” Weekend 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
CE241708Every Sat 10am - 12pm17 Aug19 Oct$500
CE241409Every Sat 2pm-4pm14 Sep16 Nov$500
CE241310Every Sun 10am - 12pm13 Oct22 Dec$500
CE241611Every Sat 10am - 12pm16 Nov18 Jan$500
CE241512Every Sun 2pm-4pm15 Dec23 Feb$500
CE241101Every Sat 2pm-4pm11 Jan21 Mar$500

“Conversational Chinese Beginner 2 Group Class” for 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
05 Aug30 Aug$500
02 Sep23 Sep$500
07 Oct30 Oct$500
04 Nov25 Nov$500
02 Dec23 Dec$500

“Conversational Chinese Beginner 3 Group Class” for 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
CE312008 TueEvery Tue 10am - 12pm20 Aug22 Oct$500
CE310309 TueEvery Tue 10am - 12pm03 Sep05 Nov$500
CE311709 TueEvery Tue 10am - 12pm17 Sep19 Nov$500
CE310110 TueEvery Tue 10am - 12pm01 Oct03 Dec$500
CE311510 TueEvery Tue 10am - 12pm15 Oct17 Dec$500
CE312910 TueEvery Tue 10am - 12pm29 Oct14 Jan$500
CE331308 TueEvery Tue 7pm - 9pm13 Aug15 Oct$500
CE331508 ThuEvery Thu 7pm - 9pm15 Aug17 Oct$500
CE332708 TueEvery Tue 7pm - 9pm27 Aug29 Oct$500
CE332908 ThuEvery Thu 7pm - 9pm29 Aug31 Oct$500
CE331009 TueEvery Tue 7pm - 9pm10 Sep12 Nov$500
CE331209 ThuEvery Thu 7pm - 9pm12 Sep14 Nov$500
CE332409 TueEvery Tue 7pm - 9pm24 Sep26 Nov$500
CE332609 ThuEvery Thu 7pm - 9pm26 Sep28 Nov$500
CE330810 TueEvery Tue 7pm - 9pm08 Oct10 Dec$500
CE331010 ThuEvery Thu 7pm - 9pm10 Oct12 Dec$500
CE332210 TueEvery Tue 7pm - 9pm22 Oct14 Jan$500
CE332410 ThuEvery Thu 7pm - 9pm24 Oct16 Jan$500
CE341708 SatEvery Sat 2pm - 4pm17 Aug19 Oct$500
CE343108 SatEvery Sat 2pm - 4pm31 Aug02 Nov$500
CE341409 SatEvery Sat 2pm - 4pm14 Sep16 Nov$500
CE342809 SatEvery Sat 2pm - 4pm28 Sep30 Nov$500
CE341210 SatEvery Sat 2pm - 4pm12 Oct14 Dec$500
CE342610 SatEvery Sat 2pm - 4pm26 Oct28 Dec$500
CE350608Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm06 Aug29 Aug$500
CE350309Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm03 Sep24 Sep$500
CE350110Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm01 Oct22 Oct$500
CE350511Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm05 Nov26 Nov$500
CE350312Every Tue + Thu + Fri 10am-12pm03 Dec24 Dec$500

“Intermediate 1 Group Class”

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
CE411807Every Thu 10am - 12pm18 Jul19 Sep$500
CE410108Every Thu 10am - 12pm01 Aug03 Oct$500
CE411508Every Thu 10am - 12pm15 Aug17 Oct$500
CE412908Every Thu 10am - 12pm29 Aug31 Oct$500
CE411209Every Thu 10am - 12pm12 Sep14 Nov$500
CE412609Every Thu 10am - 12pm26 Sep28 Nov$500
CE411010Every Thu 10am - 12pm10 Oct12 Dec$500
CE412410Every Thu 10am - 12pm24 Oct26 Dec$500
CE431908Every Mon 7pm - 9pm19 Aug21 Oct$500
CE430209Every Mon 7pm - 9pm02 Sep04 Nov$500
CE431609Every Mon 7pm - 9pm16 Sep18 Nov$500
CE433009Every Mon 7pm - 9pm30 Sep02 Dec$500
CE431410Every Mon 7pm - 9pm14 Oct16 Dec$500
CE432110Every Mon 7pm - 9pm21 Oct23 Dec$500
CE431111Every Mon 7pm - 9pm11 Nov13 Jan$500
CE432511Every Mon 7pm - 9pm25 Nov03 Feb$500
CE442508Every Sun 10am - 12pm25 Aug03 Nov$500
CE440809Every Sun 10am - 12pm08 Sep17 Nov$500
CE442209Every Sun 10am - 12pm22 Sep01 Dec$500
CE440610Every Sun 10am - 12pm06 Oct15 Dec$500
CE442010Every Sun 10am - 12pm20 Oct29 Dec$500
CE441011Every Sun 10am - 12pm10 Nov12 Jan$500
CE442411Every Sun 10am - 12pm24 Nov02 Feb$500
CE440812Every Sun 10am - 12pm08 Dec16 Feb$500
CE450208Every Mon & Fri 10am-12pm02 Aug09 Sep$500
CE450209Every Mon & Fri 10am-12pm02 Sep04 Oct$500
CE450410Every Mon & Fri 10am-12pm04 Oct04 Nov$500
CE450411Every Mon & Fri 10am-12pm04 Nov06 Dec$500
CE450212Every Mon & Fri 10am-12pm02 Dec03 Jan$500

“Advanced Chinese Group Class

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
CE521408Every Wed 10am - 12pm14 Aug16 Oct$500
CE522808Every Wed 10am - 12pm28 Aug30 Oct$500
CE521109Every Wed 10am - 12pm11 Sep13 Nov$500
CE522509Every Wed 10am - 12pm25 Sep27 Nov$500
CE520910Every Wed 10am - 12pm09 Oct11 Dec$500
CE522310Every Wed 10am - 12pm23 Oct08 Jan$500

“Business Chinese Group Class” for 10 lessons over 10 weeks

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateFee / Student
CE942008Every Tue 7pm - 9pm20 Aug22 Oct$500
CE940309Every Tue 7pm - 9pm03 Sep05 Nov$500
CE941709Every Tue 7pm - 9pm17 Sep19 Nov$500
CE940110Every Tue 7pm - 9pm01 Oct03 Dec$500
CE941510Every Tue 7pm - 9pm15 Oct17 Dec$500
CE942910Every Tue 7pm - 9pm29 Oct07 Jan$500
CE931408Every Wed 7pm - 9pm14 Aug16 Oct$500
CE932808Every Wed 7pm - 9pm28 Aug30 Oct$500
CE931109Every Wed 7pm - 9pm11 Sep13 Nov$500
CE932509Every Wed 7pm - 9pm25 Sep27 Nov$500
CE930910Every Wed 7pm - 9pm09 Oct11 Dec$500
CE932310Every Wed 7pm - 9pm23 Oct08 Jan$500

“Jurong East Branch Classes

Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DateAddressFee / Student
8 sessions 2.5hr eaBeginner 1 Morning Class
JCE111807Every Tue 9.30am-12pm18 Jul05 Sep134 Jurong Gateway Rd$500
JCE111308Every Wed 9.30am-12pm13 Aug01 Oct134 Jurong Gateway Rd$500
JCE111209Every Thu 9.30am-12pm12 Sep31 Oct134 Jurong Gateway Rd
JCE111510Every Tue 9.30am-12pm15 Oct03 Dec134 Jurong Gateway Rd$500
8 sessions 2.5hr eaBeginner 1 Evening Class
JCE111707Every Wed 7pm to 9.30pm17 Jul04 Sep134 Jurong Gateway Rd$500
JCE111908Every Mon 7pm to 9.30pm19 Aug07 Oct134 Jurong Gateway Rd$500
JCE111505Every Wed 7pm to 9.30pm18 Sep06 Nov134 Jurong Gateway Rd$500
JCE111706Every Mon 7pm to 9.30pm14 Oct09 Dec134 Jurong Gateway Rd$500
10 sessions 2hrs eaBeginner 1 Weekend Class
JCE112007Every Sat 11am to 1pm20 Jul21 Sep134 Jurong Gateway Rd$500
JCE111808Every Sun 9am to 11am18 Aug20 Oct134 Jurong Gateway Rd$500
JCE111805Every Sat 9am to 11am14 Sep16 Nov134 Jurong Gateway Rd$500
JCE111606Every Sun 3pm to 5pm13 Oct22 Dec134 Jurong Gateway Rd$500

For other levels of learning please contact us for latest schedules

Click below for guide how to claim and apply your SkillsFuture Credits

Payment from SkillsFuture to Chinese Edge (training provider)


Each level consists of 20 training hours with 10 lessons of 2 hours each.

One Time Registration Fee $50/student

Material Fee $50/student (New Course book + e-copy of workbook + Audio files + Video lessons)

If you had missed a class, you can:

– Watch our Recorded Class Video lesson and listen to the audio CD for own revision

Our Centre is located near 3 MRT stations (Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar, and Telok Ayer)

Venue: 137 Cecil Street level #07-04/#08-05 Hengda Building, Singapore 069537


The teaching methods on our Mandarin conversational course are derived from the researches and practices of Chinese Language as well as teaching Chinese as a second language. Effective and successful methods used in teaching foreign language are integrated and fused into our Chinese syllabus.

Pedagogical leads and contemporary practices are utilised to effectively deliver our Chinese courses. Practical and engaging teaching materials are combined with beneficial teaching and learning methods, to bring convenience and results for various types of Chinese language learners.

Courses Content

Browse the classification of our Chinese courses. Each level consists of 10 Chinese lessons which covers ten units.

Conversational Chinese Beginner 1

includes self-introduction, nationality, work activities, hobbies, family, directions, dress attire, festivals, calendar, food and other measuring words.

Conversational Chinese Beginner 2

includes price negotiation, public places, transport, holidays, scheduling, body parts, weather, cities, symptom, everyday activities and more common verbs and adjectives.

Conversational Chinese Lower Intermediate

40hrs of Chinese learning, student will be near a Chinese proficiency level of New HSK level 3, which means they will fulfil most of the communication activities, & tasks encounter during study and work. They can make more in-depth conversation about general topics in Chinese learning up to 600 new words.


Topics include Travelling, business trips, hotel check-in, airport check-in, boarding a plane, Chinese dishes, toasting, asking for advice and permission, starting a conversation, brief introduction of a company, paying a visit, Chinese learning experience.


Speech and presentation, making comments, awarding a prize, custom, and habit, job interview, work experience, organizational structure, giving a gift, renting an apartment, planning, and budget. (600 Chinese new words)

Conversational Chinese Upper Intermediate

40hrs of Chinese learning, the student will be near a Chinese proficiency level of New HSK level 4.  Their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills will be further improved, and more importantly, they will begin to develop the ability to generate paragraphs. There can understand many language materials encounter in their daily life, work and other common social occasions, to communicate and exchange ideas with others on familiar topics and to describe basic situations relevant to these topics. Learning up to 300 new words.


Topics include text building from stories, anecdotes, encyclopaedic essays and Chinese culture. Used and understand Grammar, memorize and learn the use in sentence patterns and commons words taught. Vocabulary and Chinese characters are employed in various activities for review, memorize and use common Chinese words and characters to deepen the understanding of method used to build Chinese words.


Common Topics are Traffic in China, polite request, marketing positioning, marketing strategies, sports, Interview, Family structure, Mood and Emotion, Occupation. Chinese traditional philosophy, emailing, advertisement, slow-paced life, company departments, geography, green life, product presentation. (800 Chinese new words)

Conversational Chinese Advanced Level

The student will achieve a Chinese proficiency level of New HSK level 5. They will be able to understand and explicitly expressed language materials encounter in work, study or other common social occasions, to communicate fluently and express their own opinions and give reasons or explanations. The language proficiency they will achieve is equivalent to Level B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Topics include common words used by illustrations and categorization, the constituents of Chinese words are analyzed to help learners understand the rule of Chinese word building. Communicative activities engaged by students and trainers aim to improve interpersonal skills and to cultivate their ability to express paragraphs. With the use of all words, grammar points and topic framework in real-life communications.


Conversational Advanced Level is on Chinese culture and modern China situations while Business Mandarin Training or HSK exam preparation can be tailor-made to clients special needs.

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Weekday 12.30pm – 1:30pmWeekday 7:00pm – 8:00pmWeekend timings
Trial Class at City Campus137 Cecil Street level 7
01 Aug Thu 12.30-1.30pm13 Aug Tue 7-8pm17 Aug Sat 1-2pm
11 Sep Wed 12.30-1.30pm04 Sep Wed 7-8pm22 Sep Sun 1-2pm
Trial Class at Jurong EastBlk 134 Jurong Gateway Road level 4
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