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    GCE O level Chinese and higher Chinese (13-16yrs old)


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    GCE O level Chinese and higher Chinese (13-16yrs old)

    GCE O level Chinese and higher Chinese (13-16yrs old)


    About this course

    O level Chinese

    Chinese Edge provides basic Chinese learning for GCE O level Chinese as well as Higher Chinese to students who need tuition. We aim to enhance student’s knowledge so they can understand the topics taught under MOE syllabus well and sit for examinations with confidence to obtain good grades.

    The Ministry of Education, Singapore and the University Of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) are the joint examining authorities for the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level examination. Students who pass the examination will be awarded the GCE O-Level certificate that is recognized by The British Commonwealth of Nations.

    Listening Comprehension & Oral 

    Chinese Language subject is different from the other papers in that it includes a Mid-year Examination for written papers, usually taken on the first Monday of the June School Holiday. The Oral and Listening Comprehension papers are usually taken in July, and the result for this Chinese subject is released in August.


    The candidate, however, can opt to re-take the paper in October/ November along with the other papers that the candidate has registered for though an additional fee is payable. The November re-assessment only covers the written examinations; no re-assessment is available for the Oral and Listening Comprehension component of the examination.


    The best result of the two assessments is reflected in the result slip that will be released in January the following year.

    Course Syllabus 

    Chinese Edge provides GCE O level Chinese and Higher Chinese Mandarin tuition for student to score well in examination. Students can take reference of course outline from the following:

    Higher Chinese :

    Basic Chinese :

    Our tuition under this category only cater to private tuition, parents or students can choose their start date, venue and schedule for classes.

    We also provide past Year Exam papers and preparatory materials and guidance on the information on the website of Singapore Examinations and

    Assessment Board (SEAB).


    Throughout the course, students are given tutorials, regular tests, and preliminary tests so that students know their academic progress and areas to be improved on.

    (Subject Syllabuses - Mother Tongue Languages):

    • Modelled closely to the new MOE syllabus
    • Equip students with literary skills, thematic-based vocabulary, descriptive phrases, idioms, adages, metaphors, analogies, proverbs and other easy-writing techniques for more expressive essay
    • Chinese lessons are delivered 20% above the average school standard to ensure students are equipped with the knowledge for higher challenges
    • Master techniques in tackling comprehension questions commonly asked during exams

    • Taught by a team of top-notch teachers who are specialist in Chinese language (including Top School teachers, Renowned textbook and assessment book authors
    • Students are placed in different level of Chinese learning to match their ability and ensuring they learn at a suitable pace.

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