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    Singapore based Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Course


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    Singapore based Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Course

    Singapore based Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Course


    About this course

    Translated as ‘Chinese proficiency test’ of ‘Chinese standard exam’ the HànyǔShuǐpíngKǎoshì (HSK), (Chinese: 汉语水平考试) is the only standardised Chinese language proficiency test recgognised by China for non-native speakers including foreign students and overseas nationals. The HSK Mandarin test is the equivalent of the English TOEFL and is valid throughout China and worldwide. Successful completion of the HSK essentially entitles you to a certificate of language proficiency in tertiary education and the wider professional world. The HSK is administered by Hanban, an organisation affiliated with China’s Ministry of Education.


    Our HSK course in Singapore is suitable for students of all levels who have an HSK test coming soon or are planning to take the exam in the near future. After an analysis of the student’s current Chinese level, we will recommend the appropriate Mandarin course to start learning Chinese. The focus areas of study will be individually determined to ensure a successful testing experience.

    A Mandarin course that prepares you for success

    As it is a standardised test, there are certain techniques which can be implemented to ensure a good performance. However, Chinese Edge believes that the best preparation for a test is to be prepared for any eventuality and that means learning Mandarin to the level required for the HSK test. Therefore, our preparation course aims to instruct students not on using shortcuts but rather to gain a true understanding of the Chinese language, and to excel thereby.


    For HSK Preparation Private lessons

    Per package course fee is S$800/package of 10 hours (5 lessons of 2hrs each for 1 student) with customised one to one HSK Chinese Mandarin training. Students can choose their date, time and venue for the class. HSK Mandarin Trial class can be arranged at $80/hr.

    Our preparatory course for HSK exam in Singapore includes a basic introduction to the various Chinese characters as well as the proper Mandarin sentence structure and grammatical rules.


    8 Benefits from HSK Group lessons:

    • Accredited Chinese course syllabus published by professional agency, Hanban in China which aligns with the international HSK standard.
    • Experienced teachers who are bilingual and native Mandarin speakers, who are able to explain and conduct the lesson in class through proficient English
    • Professionally trained Mandarin teachers who are also certified in Applied Mandarin Linguistics
    • A beneficial teacher to student ratio of a small class size (between 4 to 6 people*) to maximise greater attention to students
    • A dynamic and interactive method of learning Mandarin such as role-play sessions and practice in sentence-forming
    • Double learning support – in addition to the course book, students will receive an e-copy of the work book to self-study and practice.
    • Effective learning tools such as Audio CD and Video Lessons, which are proven to yield better results when students review them before and after class.
    • 24/7 dynamic learning tool including work book and course book, audio CD, and in-house video lessons.


    T&C Applies *

    HSK in Singapore, Preparation Class Schedules


    Batch CodeFrequencyStart DateEnd DatePhysical/Online Fee
    HSK level 510 Sessions of 2hrs each
    CE46HSK-1103Every Sat 3pm-5pm11 Mar20 May
    (22/04 No Class)
    CE46HSK-2503Every Sat 3pm-5pm25 Mar10 Jun
    (22/04 & 03/06 No Class)
    A structured HSK preparation course for Singapore students
    All our HSK Test Prep courses take 20 hours at each level. The goal is to finish up to five actual HSK tests and give the student constant feedback and advice on areas for improvement. The teaching materials used are sourced exclusively from Hanban and the most common teaching option for this course is private teaching. Set yourself up to succeed in this important test with our specialised Mandarin courses in Singapore. To learn more or to book a free trial, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Hurry send us your enquiry at the Chat box and our consultant will arrange a meet up with you soon.

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