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Five Tips To Learn Mandarin Easily And Effectively

Five Tips To Learn Mandarin Easily And Effectively

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Learning a new language seems fun at first until you realise the difficulty of internalising a new set of grammatical and linguistic rules. The amount of time you spend learning a new language depends on how complex it is and what kind of program you are enrolling yourself into.

Among the most complex languages that you can learn is Chinese. The Chinese language is quite hard to grasp at first because of its complexity, however, that should not discourage you from finding a school to learn Chinese in Singapore.

Here are five foolproof ways to help the process of learning Chinese.

Set Your Goals

Before anything else, what you may want to do prior to fully immersing yourself in learning Chinese is to set your goals. Learn to distinguish short-term and long-term goals by writing it down and think about how you can achieve these objectives within a specific time frame. A well-written and properly documented set of goals will help you learn everything quickly and in an orderly fashion. Be sure that your goals are time-bounded and attainable to help you shape up your plans and lay it into action.

Know Why Mandarin Is The Best Course To Take

While there are so many dialects all over China, Mandarin has always been the widely use dialect in almost all major areas of the country including Hong Kong. Mandarin is used in education, politics, and official media across China. Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia also use Mandarin as its primary and official Chinese dialect. Mandarin is considered to be a “common language” and uses a simpler tone than many other Chinese dialects.

Create A Daily Learning Schedule

Apart from taking scheduled language classes, you can also supplement your learning through scheduling at least an hour of self-study daily. Having a self-study session helps you further deepen your knowledge and gives you some time to practice on your own. A daily learning schedule can help you achieve your goals in no time and it is considered to be more effective than relying only on your Chinese classes. Just make sure that your self-study sessions are done in a quiet and non-stimulating environment to ensure proper learning and to make the most out of your time.

Practice Your Pronunciation

Each Chinese dialect has its own unique tones and pronunciation. Mandarin has its 4 distinct tones, which can often challenge those from non-tonal language backgrounds. To ensure that you are getting the right pronunciations, it is best to practice your speaking skills regularly. Listening to some audios or watching educational videos can contribute to learning Mandarin efficiently and effectively.

Get Serious

Focus your mind and body into learning the language effectively. Chinese is undoubtedly more complex than English. It requires no small amount of determination and perseverance in order to succeed. Do not be afraid or lose hope when you fail on your first few attempts as this is normal. You are just getting started and learning the language. Give yourself some time to adjust and familiarise yourself with Mandarin, and surely you will get the hang of it with just a few more practice sessions.