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Four Languages You Can Learn If You Do Not Already Know Them

Four Languages You Can Learn If You Do Not Already Know Them

learn chinese language singaporeCommunication is a crucial component of simply being human. It is through dialogue that we can convey our ideas, receive feedback and foster understanding with each other. If we cannot communicate, we would not have made any technological advancement as human beings.

Language is one of the ways mankind uses to communicate. Depending on where you are born and who your parents are, you automatically get your first language, also referred to as mother tongue. Your first words and your first sentence will be in your mother tongue.

Some people are born to parents from the same ethnic background and have both parents speaking the same language. Others can be from a household with mixed ethnicity and have trouble identifying their mother tongue.

With that said, the human brain is incredible and can absorb an incredible amount of information. It is for this reason that you can learn multiple languages and use them when necessary. In this article, we will look at four of the most comfortable and most practical tongues to learn.

Also known as the language of love, French is native to France. There is a lot of affection for all things French. Just many European languages, French descends from Vulgar Latin initially used in the Roman Empire. The tongue is used as the official language of 29 countries across the globe.

If you can already communicate efficiently in English, you will not have a hard time learning French since both languages have the same roots. Most of the words in both English and French are similar and you will quickly recognise a few French words even without learning the language.

You will especially enjoy how fun it is to speak. Learning and mastering pronunciation of French words can be quite the experience. Not to forget, around 220 million people worldwide speak French, so you will have many people to regards to your quest for new networks. As you travel all over the world, it will come in handy.

Espanol and Castilian are other names that Spanish is known by in different parts of the world. Spanish is also one of the romance languages that originated from the Castile region of Spain, and it is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin. Spanish is especially popular in Latin American countries and has over 440 million speakers worldwide as of 2017.

Spanish is spoken in many places and there are different variations of the language like Spain’s Spanish and Mexican Spanish. There are a few manageable disparities in the way words are used in both countries. Once you learn to speak either, you will be able to communicate with any Spanish speaker in the world.

Another romance language, Italian is the closest modern language to Vulgar Latin. Italian is the most popular language among students in the US and enrollment is growing faster than any other. Italian has about 90 million native speakers around the world.

Devout Roman Catholics are a little more familiar with Italian since it is the language of the Vatican. The alphabet used in Italian is also similar to that in English save for a few letters, i.e., J, K, W, X, and Y.

Mandarin is the odd one out in this list by a long way. Mandarin is unique from its origin to its alphabet and where it is predominantly popular. Singaporeans and Asians, in general, will find it more practical to learn Chinese because of geographical location and the chance of to using it everyday.

For someone whose native language is not Mandarin, to learn chinese language in singapore is demanding and it requires more effort than the other tongues. The writing system is entirely different and you have to learn a new alphabet. It will take a lot of time and effort to master. Even though it’s not easy to learn the Chinese language, it is perhaps the most practical for you.