What Makes Chinese a Challenging Language to Learn?

11 Aug What Makes Chinese a Challenging Language to Learn?

What Makes Chinese a Challenging Language to Learn?

With China’s economy growing larger, it is attracting more and more companies and people. Companies, individuals, even whole families want to move to China to invest and start a life with them. If one is to do good business and establish amicable relationships, communication is needed. Learning Chinese is necessary when making business deals and relations with its people. But, is it possible? It might be a challenge, but yes it is possible.

There are various misconceptions about learning the language and some claim that it is rather challenging but how is it challenging?

Through research, a list of the most common reasons have been gathered to shed light on this subject, and here they are:

Writing it is challenging. This challenge is acknowledged by most Mandarin classes Singapore, Hong Kong, and mainland China. With over 50 000 characters and needing roughly 2000-3000 to aid yourself from day to day, it could be rather overwhelming.

Origin of the learner. Most first-world countries want to learn Chinese and the phonics, syllabication, grammar and techniques are entirely different. Europeans, Americans and the English will have a hard time whereas Japanese and Koreans will have it easier due to the similarities.

Lack of proper equipment and facilities. It will be a real challenge if you do not have the necessary people to teach and guide you. A helping hand who knows the language already will come in handy. If equipment and facilities are present, that will enhance the learning even more. The proper tools with the proper mind-set can on the move in the right direction.

Our institution Chinese Edge can help you in learning Mandarin Chinese, and one such establishment is the Skillsfuture language courses. They will be willing to overcome all these challenges and will have you speaking fluently in no time at all.

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