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    How to Help Your Child Improve His or Her Mandarin

    How to Help Your Child Improve His or Her Mandarin

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    Learning Mandarin can be difficult. If your children are not interested and live in a place where there is no exposure to the language, it could get even worse. But when the child begins picking up different languages at a tender age, the ability to comprehend complex concepts is enhanced.

    Enrol your child in a reputable school for mandarin classes in Singapore. There should be no compromise if you want the best for the kid.

    Cultivate interest for Mandarin in your children and make it fun. Let them enjoy it and sooner or later it will become their passion. Keep them informed that it is for their future. The following are tips to how you can help your child be proficient in Mandarin.

    1. Learn Alongside Them

    How will your kid know the value of Mandarin if you yourself do not comprehend even a single word? If you show you are also interested, the child will see the need to learn. Greet him or her in Mandarin or construct a sentence. The more effort you put, the easier it will be to convince your kid it is worth the effort.

    If you don’t have the slightest hint of Chinese language, engage the resources at your disposal. Later, tease your child that you are better in Mandarin than him or her. Drop a new term or phrase you learnt.

    1. Buy stickers

    Make your kid to label items in the house in Mandarin. When he or she masters the name of a particular appliance, food, cutlery or furniture, get them to write down the name and stick it on the item. It will help tattoo the term in their mind.

    You can even have a labelling competition but allow your kid to win. As you learn, showcase your grasp of Mandarin by labelling some items.

    1. Engage in Mandarin

    Set aside some days where you can watch a Chinese movie or news. Because you are also learning, you can help the child with some of the terms you encounter. Images will also help you to better understand some words.

    1. Take a trip to China

    Give your child a treat. Set targets and treat your child when he or she meets them. A trip to China could lead to more interest from your child to the language. It will lead to extra effort in his or her mandarin course in Singapore. Let it be a collective responsibility for the family.

    1. Engage the culture

    Learn a Chinese dance with your child, prepare a dish or learn about Chinese history. Let the interest be beyond the language. Culture is a way to motivate one to learn Mandarin.

    Parents play a vital role in helping their child learn Mandarin. Make the learning process a fun-filled activity. Be part of it. You are investing in the future of your child. He or she will be better placed for academic activities, employment and business opportunities.