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How Learning a New Language Will Benefit Your Child’s Brain

How Learning a New Language Will Benefit Your Child’s Brain

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It’s quite surprising to learn that childhood is probably the best time to learn a new language. Well, you must encourage your child to learn a new language besides their mother tongue, because it will eventually benefit your child’s mental development. You can opt to enrol your child in a Chinese language course, to learn the Chinese language in Singapore.

Most kids begin learning a second language as early as 3 years old and they tend to benefit tremendously from it. Learning a new language helps develop their linguistic and cognitive abilities and even their social skills. Attending language classes will expose them to different cultures and allow for a well-rounded upbringing and development.

Here’s how learning a new language will benefit your child’s brain:

Develop better linguistic skills
Exposure to a foreign language like Chinese at a very early age will aid in smoother learning and amazing fluency. A kid’s brain is similar to a sponge i.e. it will soak up everything it learns and understands stand it accurately and clearly. Research has shown that the brain of a child is developed enough to accept as well as learn Chinese (or any other foreign language) and grab the finer nuances of the language rapidly. Learning early helps one’s fluency and they will learn the chinese language with a neutral accent. As your child grows up, their ability to instantly absorb and reproduce what they learn or hear will need more fine-tuning and effort. Thus, getting your child to learn Chinese at an early age will be a huge benefit to him or her.

Develops Cognitive abilities 
Learning a new language is more about possessing cognitive than linguistic abilities. Some of the more pronounced cognitive benefits of learning a new language include the development of object permanence, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, creative thinking abilities and even enhanced memory. Besides these advantages, children gain the better flexibility of mind and become good at multi-tasking.

Improved academic performance 
In addition to improving the cognitive abilities of a child, learning chinese in singapore especially also has numerous immediate academic benefits.  Bilingual kids have been found to possess improved critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. They also have improved mental flexibility. Now, all of this eventually leads to an improved performance wherein the child achieves better grades in subjects like Math. Research also shows that bilingual children tend to perform better in competitive exams, with improved language proficiency in English and knowledge in other subjects

Social Skills
We have high hopes from our kids and want them to contribute to the society, country and world they live in. Learning a foreign language is a great way to get them acquainted with different cultures and allows them to contribute to society in a positive way. Getting them fluent in Chinese at a young age can give them an easier time when picking up business chinese in singapore.