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    How Music Can Help You Learn A New Language Faster

    How Music Can Help You Learn A New Language Faster

    Everyone loves listening to music and surely, have favourite musicians. But, did you know that it helps in learning a language too? It is an excellent way to enhance your passive knowledge of the language like listening comprehension or recognising patterns & pronunciation of any language. However, with music, you can turn your passive knowledge into active language skills. Here are some of the tips to do that:

    Select a mainstream radio station and start following it

    Try to choose a station where they talk and also play music in different languages. Radio stations where they talk, make jokes, have weather forecasts and traffic news as you always listen to but they also play music in both English and a different language. This combination of languages is necessary because your brain needs a break once in a while. So, it is a good thing to combine your native language with the language you are trying to learn.

    Make a list of some of your favourite songs

    There are multiple apps which recognise songs for you and tells you the title and the artist of the song. You can then make a list out of these songs to listen to. In this way, you can discover new words or phrases while listening to new songs that you discover.

    Understand the lyrics of the songs

    Let us say that you have got your list of all the songs that you like, but you don’t understand anything of what they are saying in that song. Don’t worry! Even mother-tongue speakers and native speakers don’t always understand what people are singing or rapping in the song. Pronunciation changes when they speak fast. So that is normal not to understand the lyrics entirely.

    However, to learn the meaning of the lyrics, you should browse the web and look for all the lyrics of the songs. Once you’ve found the lyrics of those songs, print them out and read them while listening to the song. Through this way, you actually understand a lot more than you think. Mostly it is because of the speed or the pronunciation, but when you want to read the lyrics, you will notice that you actually understand half more than what you did at the start.

    Hard work is the key to success

    Learning a new language is a very time-consuming job, and learning it through music also requires a lot of discipline and motivation. First, you start to look for vocabulary that you don’t know in the lyrics, try to translate it and then try to look for vocabulary or grammar that you can learn and understand. Learning the basics is essential to mastering a language.

    Although learning new languages like the Chinese language is considered as one of the most robust languages in the world, yet you can master that language by applying the same rules while also attending classes such as the Chinese language course!