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    How To Adjust In A Chinese-Speaking Country Like China

    How To Adjust In A Chinese-Speaking Country Like China

    chinese speaking country

    Is your company relocating you to China soon? Are you prepared to be parachuted into this ancient-oriented country far in the other side of the world?

    In this post, we would like to share with you how to adjust your cultural understanding and make yourself a soft launch in China.

    Read Up

    Before your trip, you might like to read some books related to China on topics such as food, ethics, customs and traditions to understand more on Chinese people’s work and family life, medical conditions, transportation, hygiene conditions.

    Learn Basic Mandarin

    To speak some survival Chinese will also help you a lot to step into China not only for social and work purpose but also for your self-confidence not to be a dependent child, who always needs help from others. Chinese edge offers intensive Mandarin course for two weeks which is suitable for learners who will go to China for a trip or move to China. The topics covered include greetings, travelling, asking for directions, ordering food and drinks, etc.

    Use Signs To Help You

    Arriving at a Chinese airport, immediately you are surrounded by crowds of Chinese, a lot of cars and people talking loudly in a new language. You can only figure out the signs with photos. Most airports provide translation service to explain the taxi drivers where you are going. “Wow, I’m in China now. “ You are overwhelmed with the impression by all the differences in culture and the environment now.


    This excitement might fade away in around one month, and the frustration comes back mostly because of the language barrier as well as the traffic safety, food quality, the work environment and relationship with colleagues and business partners. It might take you a few months to get used to your new life in China, in the meanwhile, try to learn more on the basic survival language and practice with Chinese people around would help to relieve your anxiety and to be integrated into the local society.

    Appreciate The Beauty Of The Country

    You would be fascinated by the historical scenery and delicious food. You can make friends with Chinese by using their language and understanding more on their customs. One of our students mentioned his first chat with a taxi driver in China on his way to the airport, they shared their view on the Chinese family structure in half Chinese and English, and he was so happy.

    After one or two years living in the country, you begin to feel at home in China. You might like rice more than bread, drink soup after dinner not before, eat early at 6 pm and sleep early. You can speak Chinese and bargain in a market, instruct a driver where you go, even negotiate on a business contract with your partners. The culture barrier finally goes away.