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How to Introduce Chinese Culture to Foreigners ?

How to Introduce Chinese Culture to Foreigners ?

How to Introduce Chinese Culture to Foreigners ?


When it comes to introducing any sort of culture, you must start at the beginning. The idea of a culture is that people have certain specific items they will do that differ from others. However, everyone is different in many ways, so rather than just pointing out the differences you should pay attention to the following in the Chinese language.

Find Common Ground

Instead of just pointing out that there are a lot of differences, start with what is similar. Chinese language and China culture are rooted in tradition. While those traditions are unique when compared to western culture, there are also many pieces of both cultures that overlap or intertwine. The point of the similarities and there will be a much easier point of view to learn from.

Point Out What People Already Know

Sometimes it can be difficult to learn a brand new items, terms, and ideas from a new culture. However, for Chinese culture, there is also an easy opportunity to make a connection for those in the western world. Look to the similarities such as fireworks, spices, tea, and even paper or gunpowder in order to find all of the items used daily that were rooted in China.

Understand the Important Things

Some things that aren’t openly discussed with strangers due to sensitivity in the western world are religion and politics. The big things to be sensitive about in China are similar, but you also need to include a few things such as personal preferences in orientation and even death.