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    How To Make Your Chinese Language Course Work Harder For You

    How To Make Your Chinese Language Course Work Harder For You

    Learning Chinese

    Those who are keen to learn the Chinese language in Singapore often hire a private tutor, or enrol themselves in a Chinese language course.

    While both of these are effective in their own respective ways, neither are nearly enough for fast and proper language mastery – especially if you don’t know how to make them work for you.

    To get the most out of your time and effort, below are 4 essential tips that you can apply.

    1. Speak only in Chinese

    Whether your classroom is physical or virtual, once the classes have started, think of yourself as having transported to a place where the only spoken language is Chinese.

    By putting in the effort to talk only in Chinese outside of the classroom, this increases your level of immersion, and tricks your brain into being more comfortable with transitioning to the Chinese language as and when you want to.

    By increasing your brain’s comfort in using Chinese as a language, it slowly adapts to being able to use it without much of an effort.

    2. Be more participative

    Theoretical knowledge is great, but practical application is even better.

    It’s not just enough that you know the characters and a list of words. It’s important that you know their meaning, connotation, how they’re used, proper syntax, just to name a few.

    Also, the more often that you use the words that you just learned, the more your brain is likely to memorize them.

    Basically, take charge of your learning and apply what you have learnt as often as possible – you will be giving yourself more opportunities to practice Chinese and accelerate the learning process.

    3. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

    A lot of those who learn the Chinese language have the fear of making mistakes.

    That kind of mentality is never good when trying to learn a new language.

    The reason for talking and being more participative in your Chinese language course is that it gives you more opportunities to make mistakes, which can then be corrected by your instructor. Feedback is absolutely crucial to language learning, so make sure that you are getting constant, constructive criticism.

    Remember, you’re bound to mistakes – so you might as well learn from them instead.

    4. Suggest a wide range of topics for discussion

    Sometimes, language courses progress in such a way that a majority of students are able to keep up. As such, teachers might repeat topics for a couple of classes. This can impede the progress of faster students who are looking to learn something new.

    Remember what we said about taking charge? Perhaps you can try suggesting that a wider range of topics be discussed during classes.

    This way, you’re constantly being introduced to new words, phrases, and sentences – exposing you to more learning opportunities.

    While Chinese language courses often have your best interests at heart, that doesn’t mean that you should play a passive role through it all.

    As a student, it is up to you to make the most out of every class.

    By applying these tips, you allow yourself (and other students) to learn more about the Chinese language in less time.